The Most Epic Things the United States Marine Corps Has Ever Done

Ships hold the seas and armies hold the land, but someone has to take land and sea alike before they can be held. The Marines are the tip of America's military spear. They're the first feet on the beach, the first to kick down the door. Called stormtroopers and Devil Dogs by adversaries, the Marines's almost cult-like devotion to aggressive action and gaining ground has earned the Corps a level of universal respect granted to few military forces in the world. 

While at one time Marines were a simple expeditionary force carried around by Naval ships, these days the Corps maintains its own transportation and methods of launching mechanized warfare. Whether fighting on land, in the sea, or in the sky, every member of the Corps is one thing above all else: a Marine. All else, even death, is secondary. 

Read on if you've ever wondered "what is the Marine Corps like?" or are simply interested in stories about the Marine Corps. This list compiles some of the most important Marine Corps missions.