Unspeakable Times

America's Bloody History As The Serial Killer Capital Of The World

Serial killers have appeared in almost every culture and country that has ever existed, ranging from the likes of Liu Pengli, who killed at least 100 people in Western Han between 144 BCE and 116 BCE, to India’s shockingly young Amardeep Sada. Despite this, the US has still solidified its status as the serial killer capital of the world. Statistics compiled by the FBI make it clear that this dubious title isn’t likely to be challenged anytime soon, either. Instead, the long and disturbing history of American serial killers seems virtually certain to continue growing.

In fact, a former member of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit indicated that there are at least 25 to 50 active serial killers in the United States at all times. Does this mean that serial murder is as American as apple pie? Not quite, but it does highlight the many issues that law enforcement officials face while trying to track killers across city, county, and state lines. Aside from the massive size of the country, why does America have so many serial killers? Read on to discover some disturbing facts that may provide an answer.