Which Universal Movie Monster Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The zodiac is a dark and mysterious tool used to not only divine your future, but to discern your true nature. By kneeling to the magic of the zodiac, you can discover your creepiest trait, or see which horror movie villain you mirror. The ancient method of consulting the stars to look deep inside yourself can even help you learn the Universal movie monster for each zodiac sign. Are you more of a Dracula, or an Invisible Man? 

The original era of Universal Monsters extended from the late '20s to the '50s. In its heyday, a bevy of creepy creatures made their way to the silver screen. A few had ties to mythology, like The Mummy, while other monsters were merely beings with a hideous talent for murder. So which classic movie monster are you according to the zodiac?


  • People who fall under the sign of Aries step up in any situation and take charge. They aren't afraid to give their opinion on matters both big and small - even if it makes them seem like a jerk.

    Likewise, Dr. Jack Griffin, the Invisible Man, isn't afraid to do what he must to take over the world after overdosing on monocaine and becoming invisible. He even forces a hapless doctor friend to help him steal everything he needs to manufacture more of the drug. 


  • A Taurus takes things as they come. They can wait as long as needed for things to go their way. Sometimes, they even wait thousands of years to exact their revenge against the people who did them wrong, which makes a Taurus more like The Mummy than anything else. 

    Tauruses can act somewhat entitled, exactly how Imhotep - or Ardath Bey - behaves upon being brought back to life by the Scroll of Thoth. Upon meeting Helen Grosvenor - and believing her to be the reincarnation of Ankhesenamon - he begins a long game of trying to kill her, so he can mummify her, bring her back from the dead, and finally marry her.


  • While bold and intelligent, Geminis also possess a dark side. They need someone to offset their mercurial manner and can get gloomy when that person isn't present. In The Wolf Man, Larry Talbot is a well-to-do aristocrat who travels to Llanwelly, Wales, after the death of his brother. 

    After an attack by a wolf, Talbot begins turning into the Wolf Man by the light of the full moon. And even when he's not in wolf mode, he can't shake the dark feelings that accompany the state. His flip-flopping between personas is pretty much how Geminis feel all the time. 



  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): The Phantom Of The Opera
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain

    Homebodies at heart, Cancers are emotional people (and monsters) who need to feel secure no matter their location. When backed into a corner, the Crab can act out in unexpected ways. Just like the Phantom of the Opera, who kidnapped a young woman and tricked her into thinking she was going to blow up a playhouse before trying to run away with her. 

    All the Phantom wanted was to watch free shows in his playhouse and throw 'The Masque of the Red Death' parties. But the moment he felt his home life was threatened, he pulled a real Cancer move and underwent a complete meltdown. 

  • Leos possess a take-no-prisoners attitude that works along with their generous side. People tend to flock to them unless they're big green monsters with bolts sticking out of their necks. If that's the case, they chase them down with pitchforks and torches. 

    Despite his monstrous appearance and penchant for accidentally killing people, Frankenstein's Monster remains an all-around good guy. He makes friends with almost everyone he meets, and he's loud and boisterous - just like every other Leo on the planet.  

  • When it comes to being analytical and thinking about the long game, Virgos can't be beaten. If their focus is an evil plan to exact retribution against an entire village that tried to kill them, then they'll act even more shrewdly. 

    In Son of Frankenstein, Ygor brings Frankenstein's Monster back from the dead and commands it to kill all of the jurors present at Ygor's trial. Talk about a long game.