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Which Universal Movie Monster Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated 14 Jun 2019 31.7k views12 items

The zodiac is a dark and mysterious tool used to not only divine your future, but to discern your true nature. By kneeling to the magic of the zodiac, you can discover your creepiest trait, or see which horror movie villain you mirror. The ancient method of consulting the stars to look deep inside yourself can even help you learn the Universal movie monster for each zodiac sign. Are you more of a Dracula, or an Invisible Man? 

The original era of Universal Monsters extended from the late '20s to the '50s. In its heyday, a bevy of creepy creatures made their way to the silver screen. A few had ties to mythology, like The Mummy, while other monsters were merely beings with a hideous talent for murder. So which classic movie monster are you according to the zodiac?

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