15 Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip To Universal Studios Orlando

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Any day is a good day to visit the Orlando installment of Universal Studios. But there's so much going on, you may find yourself wondering what to do at Universal Studios Orlando. Luckily, plenty of theme park lovers have shared their Universal Studios Orlando tourist tips so you don't miss out on anything. Check out this list, vote up, and have fun! 

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    Be A Single Rider!

    From Redditor u/dausy:

    If you don't mind splitting up with the family a little in an attempt to not wait 90mins in line..single rider everything (almost instant access to spider-man, hulk, Gringotts, that music roller coaster, etc). Exception being do not single rider HP and the forbidden journey. Wait in that line to get the complete tour of Hogwarts. That line is amazing! If you do child swap or single rider you will miss it!

    Try butterbeer. Iced is the best. The Ollivander's show is worth it. Pumpkin pasties are good. Exploding bonbons are amazing. Fizzing Wizzbees are second best. Butterbeer ice cream was a little disappointing. Visit the harry potter toilets. The restaurants in HP are cool to visit once but the food has gotten worse each year. Diagon alleys restaurant has other cool specialty drinks besides butterbeer. The Otters' fizzy orange juice is great. There are other shops to buy wands and hp merchandise. You do not need to get stuck in those little crowded shops.

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    Bring Your Own Water (And Drink Plenty)

    From Redditor u/AlwaysZoey:

    Bring your own water. Up to 2 liters in nonglass containers. You can refill them in the park for free.

    Eat a BIG breakfast so you don’t have to buy more than one meal in the park and small snacks can be brought in too so that will tide you over.

    Limit souvenirs to one item if you can. They will add up fast.

    Eat dinner outside the park. A pizza maybe since you can split the cost amongst the group. We always do that or eat a sandwich or bagels, supplies we picked up at a grocery store earlier, assuming you had the time, and a fridge.

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    Stay Onsite And Go In Early

    From Redditor u/nb75685:

    Take advantage of the early entrance from staying onsite! One HP park doesn’t offer early admission. I forget which one. But go into the other park early and do whatever you missed, then go get in line for the Hogwarts Express. You’ll be among the first in the other park because they’ll send that train as soon as it opens and you don’t have to worry about being at rope drop etc.

    Ride the Hogwarts Express both ways (you will need a park to park pass to ride) because the “sights” are different.

    Look at everything while in the lines! There are tons of details to keep you entertained while in lines. You can see people disappearing through 9 and 3/4 in line for the train, for instance.

    If the line for Ollivanders is short, do it right then. That line gets ridiculously long. Buy your wand at a cart though. Same wands, no line. The actual shops are TINY and cramped.

    Hogsmeade has more shaded areas so plan that one for your hotter day or the hotter time of day.

    Don’t forget to check out Knockturn Alley while in Diagon Alley. It’s fairly easy to miss if you don’t remember to look for it.

    Talk to the goblin in the Goblin Exchange. He will answer you if you pose a question. You’ll wonder how it’s possible. I said something to my sister under my breath from the back of the line and he totally called me out haha.

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    Skip VIP In The Wizarding World

    From Redditor u/cSaM2008:

    No need for VIP in Wizarding World, you can use the single lane and it's faster anyway. I ate at the Leaky Cauldron alone and it was delicious and not awkward at all. Embrace it and have fun!

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    Take The Train In And Out Of Wizarding World

    From Redditor u/pittsburghposter:

    Be sure to take the train both ways [into The Wizarding World], for two completely different experiences. No spoilers beyond that.

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    Small Lockers Are Free - Big Ones Aren't

    From Redditor u/happydah:

    Be sure to bring a small bag as opposed to a big bookbag. If you don’t know, some of the rides make you put your bags in a locker before you go into the queue. Small lockers are free while big lockers will cost you a few bucks.

    This isn’t necessarily a money-saving tip, but the earlier you get to the park the better. You can avoid crowds and don’t have to wait in the lines as long, and you can hopefully avoid some of the virtual queues. Just makes it a better experience in my opinion. If you like rollercoasters, head to Revenge of the Mummy first and then head to Harry Potter World and get in the line for Escape from Gringotts and just spend time in Diagon Alley after that.

    If you want to save money on food, you’re better off doing more quick dining service rather than going to a more expensive restaurant.

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