18 Of Our Favorite Interview Moments With Universally Loved Celebrities

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Now here are some people we can all agree on. Out of all the famous people in the world, these are most universally loved by their fans. Vote up your favorites!

  • 1. Keanu Reeves

    2,192 votes
  • 2. Danny DeVito

    Danny DeVito
    Photo: Vanity Fair / YouTube
    2,362 votes
  • 3. Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd
    Photo: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert / YouTube
    1,687 votes
  • 4. Betty White

    Betty White
    Photo: The Ellen Show / YouTube
    1,670 votes
  • 5. Robin Williams

    Robin Williams
    Photo: The Graham Norton Show / YouTube
    1,840 votes
  • 6. Brendan Fraser

    Brendan Fraser
    Photo: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon / YouTube
    1,691 votes