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12 Utterly Mind-Bending Facts About The Size Of The Universe

Updated 9 Nov 2018 59.7k views12 items

Finding ways to put the size of the universe into perspective is something of a fool’s errand. Humanity’s place in it is so infinitesimal that coming up with a meaningful comparison would undoubtedly overstate the importance of people. That doesn’t mean, however, that such comparisons are worthless. Having reminders of how small you are in the universe helps give some meaning to Earth’s place in the bigger picture, even if that picture is so big that Earth might as well not be in it.

When dealing with the types of enormous numbers that define the universe, it’s easy to get lost in the abstract. Even the value of common numbers, like 1,000,000, have little actual meaning. Putting it into perspective and noting that 1,000,000 seconds is equal to 11.5 days makes it easier to grasp the value of that number. Here are some examples of that on an even larger scale.

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