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According To A Theory Gaining Ground, Every Black Hole Contains Its Own Universe

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We may live in the universe, but there are still an infinite number of mysteries human have yet to solve about it. Who are we and how did we begin? Does life exist outside of Earth? Does our universe exist in a black hole? While the last query only started taking hold in 2010, it is an idea gaining steam thanks to Nikodem Popławski, a theoretical physicist at the University of New Haven

Since the beginning of time, man has relied on faith and science to explain the origins of the universe and our lives on Earth. Today, scientific advances have allowed us to somewhat understand how the universe - and more specifically, how black holes work - but there is so much we still don't understand. Popławski's theory that our universe sits behind the event horizon of black hole is preposterous to some, but it gives a lot of credence to what know about black holes, singularity, and the beginnings of the universe.

Like a cosmic nesting doll, a universe may hold black holes with other universes inside them... endlessly. What's inside a black hole may not be a tiny, dense singularity, but rather, the end of a worm hole leading to an entirely different reality. It's a pretty big idea to wrap our heads around, but more and more evidence shows that it just might be true. 

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