16 Lesser-Known Historical Figures Who Deserve Their Own Biopic

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Hollywood loves a good biopic. But many of the same stories get told over and over again - think of Henry VIII or Abraham Lincoln - even though there are plenty of lesser-known, unsung historical figures who deserve a movie about their lives, too.

Just because a historical figure may not be widely known doesn't mean their story isn't worth telling. In fact, films are a great - if not strictly accurate - way to introduce people to lesser-known figures. That's certainly true of movies like Hidden FiguresAmmonite, and The Imitation Game, which helped 21st-century folks get to know historical figures Katherine Johnson, Mary Anning, and Alan Turing.

Similarly, the people on this list should have their stories told, too. From soldiers who exemplified military chutzpah to writers who demonstrated that the pen is mightier than the sword, these historical figures lived epic lives that would be compelling fodder for biopics.