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Scary Scientific Discoveries Most People Don't Know

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The big, bad scary world is about to get a bit scarier. 

In a recent Reddit thread, people and scientists shared terrifying scientific discovers that can make one's skin crawl while fueling night terrors. From weird facts about mad cow disease to the ugly truth about pineapples, these scientific facts are super scary. 

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    People Can Be Silent Carriers For Mad Cow Disease

    Posted by Redditor /u/manlikerealities:

    Many people may be silent carriers for mad cow disease and won't know for another decade or so.

    Mad cow disease from the 1980s-1990s was due to cows being fed the remains of other animals. People then ate their beef and consumed prions, a protein that can destroy the human brain. It's thought that many people still might carry prions but won't know until they start experiencing the symptoms of Creutzfeldt Jakob disease or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, which might be 10-50 years after consuming the contaminated meat. It has a long incubation period. You can also contract the prions from blood transfusions, which is why so many UK citizens from that time period still aren't allowed to donate blood.

    Once the symptoms begin - cognitive impairment, memory loss, hallucinations, etc - you usually die within months. There is no cure or treatment.

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    Supervolcano Under Yellowstone

    Posted by Redditor /u/rattpackfan301:

    Supervolcano under Yellowstone that could literally go off today and wipe out millions. It’s been due to erupt for a while now and it’s thought the last time it erupted, it brought on the ice age.

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    Posted by Redditor /u/Sorael:

    Prions are so crazy. It’s just a malformed protein. Yet, somehow it teaches other protein to fold themselves improperly. The human body has no defense against it. Truely terrifying.

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    Fewer Insects = Big Problems

    Posted by Redditor /u/deep_brainal:

    The world has 70% less insects on average than it did 40 years ago. We really are coming up on our silent spring.

    For the people saying there are less pests, those arent the ones we're worried about. Insect pollinators are vital to so many crops, we could be facing serious problems with certain food supplies soon. In recent years China has had issues with apple and pear crops to the point where some regions have had to pollinate crops by hand. Also, insects form lower blocks of many food webs, and their disappearance will spell trou le for higher trophic levels.

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