police Disturbing Body Cam Footage Shows Wrongful Arrest Of Utah Nurse  

Mick Jacobs

When Nurse Alex Wubbels told Detective Jeff Payne he needed a warrant to take blood from an unconscious patient, Payne decided to make things difficult for everyone and arrested Wubbels. The entire incident appears in the video below, captured by Payne's body cam.

In the video, Wubbels repeatedly tells the officers it's against the law for them to take the samples without a warrant. Wubbels, determined to do her job, spends much of the video trying reason with the officer, who physically intimidates her before eventually cuffing her.

Despite Wubbels explaining the nature of the laws that she and Payne must abide by, the officer still takes it upon himself to do the wrong thing. He forcibly removes Wubbels from the premises, the nurse herself reduced to tears over simply following protocol.

Thankfully, Payne was fired from his position while Wubbels received a settlement from the city. Even still, watch the video below to see just how terrifying it must be to be arrested for doing the right thing.