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17 Intensely Unlikable Characters Who Got Brutally Satisfying Deaths

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With the magic of cinema, audiences can freely celebrate when aggressively unlikable characters bite the dust on screen. This list will not be a look at the big bads who were taken down after a messy fight, or even mini bosses our heroes have to take out along the way. Instead, this is a collection of characters who are technically antagonists but who mainly do an amazing job getting on the audience's nerves.

Most of these characters have definitely done something to get into trouble, whether it's betraying their extremely vindictive crime family or renting out a person's comatose body. However, some of these folks just earned the ire of the audience by being flat-out annoying. No matter why they've made the audience's hit list, their deaths are all gruesome, and all elicit cheers from even the most reserved of viewers.

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    A lot of people in Westeros are certain they belong on the Iron Throne, but Viserys Targaryen is reaaaaallly certain he's the guy who's meant to be in charge. After a lifetime of being humbled by his circumstances, you'd think Viserys would be at least kind of gracious while hatching his plan, but he's a complete wretch to everyone he meets - including his sister.

    After essentially being taken in by Khal Drogo and the Dothraki after he marries Daenerys off to the fearsome bulked-up warlord, Viserys manages to be an overbearing snake every moment of the day. Things reach a fever pitch when his sister takes away his ability to ride a horse, the ultimate indignity for a Dothraki.

    From then on, it's pretty much a countdown to Viserys's final moments, and whoo boy, are they rough. After threatening to take out Drogo and Dany's unborn child unless he gets the crown he deserves, Drogo melts a bunch of gold medallions and pours it over the poor guy's head, giving him a "crown for a king." It is absolutely brutal - one of the most brutal demises in the show's entire run, which is especially impressive considering he's not all that important a villain by the time everything is said and done.

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    Iosef Tarasov, 'John Wick'

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    As far as fearsome Russian mobsters go in the John Wick franchise, Iosef is pretty low tier. He may be the son of big bad Viggo Tarasov, but for most of the original film, Iosef is either just talking trash or playing PlayStation. Oh, and along the way he sets off John Wick's whole scorched-earth thing by stealing his car and killing his dog.

    Every gangster in New York knows that Iosef "just" took out Wick's pet/only friend/reminder of the love of his life, and while the underworld is intent on keeping him safe, it's also clear he's a soon-to-be grease stain on the arc of history. When Wick tracks Iosef down to his safe house, he doesn't even let the little creep get out his final words before delivering the headshot.

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    From the moment that Todd arrives on the scene, it's clear he's a total whack-job. Brought into Walt's crew as an extra set of hands for a train job, Todd shows how much of a wild card he is when he stoically guns down a kid hanging around the area at the end of the job. He endears himself to Walt when he helps the boss dispose of Mike's body, but that's where his "positive" attributes end.

    Anyone watching when Todd took Jesse captive to turn him into a meth-cooking slave was crossing their fingers that Todd would be murked in the most off-the-wall manner. Maybe he'd be methed to death or trapped inside of a snow globe. Instead, audiences got the satisfaction of watching Jesse choke Todd out with the very shackles he had to wear for months. Honestly, that was even better than watching Walt unload on the rest of the captors with that giant automatic gun jury-rigged in his trunk.

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    Buck, 'Kill Bill, Vol. 1'

    His name is Buck and he's here to... well, you know. With his few memorably disturbing scenes in the first half of Kill Bill, it makes sense that the audience, the characters, and even Quentin Tarantino himself wanted to see this guy get murked. Buck's not a main villain in the series by any means, but this male nurse is easily the creepiest person to stand in Beatrix Kiddo's way.

    After the Bride is put into a coma during her wedding, she winds up in the long-term care wing of the hospital, where Buck charges men to use her body while she's konked out. When the Bride wakes up and realizes what Buck's been doing, she smashes his head in between the door and the door jamb, turning his noggin into a squishy mess.

    It's so satisfying to see this creep get his head obliterated. If anyone gets what he deserves in this movie, it's Buck. Even more so than the actual culprits of the Massacre at Two Pines.

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