US States You Couldn't Even Be Paid To Live In

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Vote up the states in the USA you wouldn't make your home even if someone else was paying your rent.

Everybody has their opinions about the worst US states in to live in, sure, but what happens when we make like gamblers and bring cash into the equation? Imagine some eccentric rich person offered to basically pay your rent if you move to a specific state and continue living your life there. Sounds like a good deal, one most folks would probably leap at if it meant they didn't have to worry about a major financial consideration like rent.

But which states would you make you say “Whoa, hold up” if that eccentric kajillionaire said you had to live there? Would the Minnesota weather lead you to decline the offer? Would the urban density of somewhere like New York be too much for you? Is everything simply too big in Texas for you to put down (paid) stakes there?

Vote up the states you couldn't even be paid to live in and vote down the states you'd happily move to if someone else was footing the bill.

Most divisive: Wisconsin
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