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The 17 Most Unlucky Characters In Anime

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For some unlucky anime characters, nothing ever seems to go right. Anime characters with bad luck have outrageously hard lives filled with seemingly endless misery. Many are characterized by their ill-fatedness, and a few are literal gods of misfortune who intentionally spread bad tidings. When properly executed, bad luck can add pathos and depth to a story; when done wrong, it can seem excessive and silly. 

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    Guts — 'Berserk'

    Photo: Berserk / OLM

    It's hard to imagine a more hellish life than the one lived by Guts. He's born from the corpse of his mother who was hung as a heretic. Then, he's adopted by the horrifically abusive Gambino, who does everything from beating him to selling his body.

    Berserk doesn't let up on Guts after his terrible childhood is over. As an adult, he joins the Band of the Hawk, a team who his former friend Griffith dramatically betrays, killing most of the members. After that, Guts continues to endure an endless cavalcade of horrors as he tries to rescue his girlfriend Casca. 

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    Ganta Igarashi - 'Deadman Wonderland'

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    As if witnessing your entire classroom getting murdered isn't bad enough, Ganta is framed for it. Since he has no proof that the Red Man was responsible for the crime, he is sentenced to death by the court. This marks the start of his violent and tragic journey in Deadman Wonderland. And it only gets worse for him hereafter. From being forced to fight in the Carnival Corpse to witnessing endless deaths, Ganta is truly an unlucky soul.

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  • Poor Ken Kaneki. All he wanted was to go on a date with a cute girl, but he got a lot more than he bargained for when he decided to take Rize out. Unfortunately, Rize is a ghoul, which means she eats humans. Before she can eat Ken, the two of them end up in an accident that kills Rize and leaves Ken with organs transplanted from the dead ghoul. Suddenly, he needs to eat human flesh to survive, and thus begins Tokyo Ghoul.

     Now, Ken has to choose between cannibalism and death, but he doesn't get much time to adjust to his new reality before his status as a half-ghoul, half-human gets the attention of everyone from crazed perverts to terrorist groups.

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    Kofuku — 'Noragami'

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    Kofuku of Noragami is  a goddess of poverty and bad luck, which means she constantly brings misfortune to humans. For this reason, it's not exactly surprising to learn that, unlike many of the other gods in NoragamiKofuku doesn't have anyone worshipping her.

    Despite the trouble she brings, she's actually a sweet, loving person who goes out of her way to help the people (and gods) she cares about.

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