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The 17 Most Unlucky Characters In Anime

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For some unlucky anime characters, nothing ever seems to go right. Anime characters with bad luck have outrageously hard lives filled with seemingly endless misery. Many are characterized by their ill-fatedness, and a few are literal gods of misfortune who intentionally spread bad tidings. When properly executed, bad luck can add pathos and depth to a story; when done wrong, it can seem excessive and silly. 

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    Touma Kamijou — 'A Certain Magical Index'

    As a child, Touma Kamijou of A Certain Magical Index was known as the "god of pestilence" due to the misfortune created by his right hand, which negates all forms of magic. This makes him a target for unfounded superstition, anger, and discrimination. When he gets to Academy City and starts going to school, his classmates are thrilled when bad things happen to him, as they believe he absorbs the bad luck.

    If things go wrong for Touma, then they think everything will be okay in their own lives. 

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    If life came easily for Taizou Hasegawa of Gintamathe whole series would probably implode. Hasegawa has comically bad luck. He had a decent government job, but got fired. He was married, but his wife left him because he was useless. Every time he tries to find work or re-establish his relationship with his ex-wife, he fails.

    What's amazing is, despite being 99% positive everything he attempts will turn out badly, he still keeps trying anyway.

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  • A lot of bad things happen to the cast of Narutobut it's usually not because they're inherently unlucky. Tsunade, on the other hand, is characterized by her bad luck. Although she's highly skilled at fighting and healing, she is exceptionally bad at anything involving chance.

    This includes gambling, which she won't stop doing no matter how often she loses. 

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    Team Rocket - 'Pokémon'

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    It's been 23 years and Team Rocket still hasn't managed to steal Pikachu. Even though they're part of a criminal organization that profits off of other people's Pokémon, they're just trying to do their jobs. The day when Team Rocket manages to accomplish their goal without being blasted into the air will be a legendary day for Pokémon fans all around the world.

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