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16 Haunting Photographs of WWII Hospitals

More than 75 years after it was fought, WW2 still captivates public consciousness, a time when humanity was allowed the rare opportunity to fight back against a black-and-white villain. Over the course of six years and countless battles, the Allied Powers tried valiantly to stem the rolling tide of oppression fostered by the Axis Powers. The effort was documented more than any prior conflict, and WW2 photos still paint a vivid picture of one of history's most terrible conflicts.

Yet, for every act of heroism, there were a dozen heartbreaks. Young boys from all over the world lost their lives or were injured while overseas. In these instances, soldiers were rushed to a field hospital, where teams of medics, nurses, and others struggled to save soldiers’ lives amid scant supplies and constant bombardment. Hospitals during WWII were hectic and unnerving places, at times more tragic than the battlefield itself, and at others a place of profound resolve and hope.