12 Historical Figures, Ranked By How Insufferable Their Small Talk Must Have Been

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History is full of interesting figures - kings, queens, intellectuals, revolutionaries, and everything in between. Men like Martin Luther had a massive role in changing the religious landscape of Europe during the 16th century, while Isaac Newton literally wrote the book on physics. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a casual conversation with some of history's biggest names? Or if small talk and chitchat are even possible? 

We did - and played through some scenarios to find out. Hypothetical, yes, but imagining what it would have been like to talk to some of the most significant figures in history is fun.  

To be clear, each one of the figures below made contributions to their communities, their environments, and history as a whole. That said, would you really want to talk to them? Or would you give those conversations a hard pass?