20 Redditors Share Their Most Unpopular Dating Opinions And We're Feeling Self-Conscious

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Dating is not easy and we all have our thoughts about it... but these redditors had strong unpopular opinions we're not sure how we feel about.

  • 1. Dating Is Hard Because People Are Taught Not To Compromise


    The reason so many people today find dating hard is because they're taught they don't need to compromise.

    The title kind of says it all really. Relationships are about compromise, deciding how best to make all people in the relationship as happy as possible.

    But I see more and more people talking as though that isn't a thing. It's much more egocentric and people should accept me and my way of doing things 100% completely or they're toxic and not worth your time.

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  • 2. Dating Shows Need Age Diversity


    "Dating shows need senior citizen participants

    Imagine The Bachelor, but with people in their 80s and 90s. They’d swap WWII stories, ride wheelchairs built for 2, and even go to aerobic classes together.

    I feel like almost all dating shows glorify people in their mid 20s to mid 30s, when people of all ages are looking for love.

    I also feel like people in their 80s and 90s have a different perspective on love and relationships that is often overlooked by our modern culture. STDs and STIs outbreaks are super common in nursing homes for a reason".

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  • 3. Timing Of Celebrating Anniversaries



    "An Anniversary is an Annual celebration, so stop saying "Happy 3 months Anniversary " because you look and sound dumb.

    It is so annoying to see posts of people referring to days/weeks/months celebrations as Anniversaries. As per the definition of the word Anniversary, it is the date on which an event took place in a previous YEAR. The prefix of the word is “ann-” (from annus, for year). “Anniversary,” comes from the Latin anniversarius, which means returning yearly.

    So please do us all a favor and use the word Anniversary appropriately, or at least celebrate it every year.

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  • 4. Dating To Marry Is Dumb


    "Dating to marry has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of

    Thats your expectation going into every potential relationship? You don't want to do anything besides that? Have fun justifying bad behavior or red flags because you've already committed to this stupid idea that this is the ONE like 2 months into the relationship. The funniest is when its younger people who say this. I can kinda get people who are on the older side but, dude you're in your 20s why put that kind of pressure or expectations on someone when you don't even know what youll be like in 5 years".

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  • 5. People Should Be Allowed To Move On Quickly


    "It should not matter if some somebody moves on quickly to seeing somebody that interests them.

    I know I am not the only one who has had an ex get their “feelings hurt” when someone moves onto another person they are interested in and begins the whole dating thing. The relationship is over then it’s my right to do not only what I want but also what makes me happy. Those that get upset after rears are hanging onto something that’s dead and just making it harder on themselves".

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  • 6. The Rise Of Sugar Dating Is A Sign Of A Failing Society


    "When the younger working generation cannot provide for themselves by merely working 9-5, but have to attach themselves romantically to senior suitors who hold more societal resources, it shows that the financial landscape is too barren and unstable.

    Freedom cannot flourish in such a society, because resources are so unlimited that people are increasingly making machiavellian life choices, rather than choices of their own tastes.




    I never said sugar dating CAUSED a society to fail. It’s just a SIGN of a society that’s failing, and esp. failing its young people.

    I never said it never existed in history. It’s just never been this “hip” and “cool” and social media is marketing it as a cool girl career to young people, and even minors like never before.

    I never blamed sex workers in my post.

    Lastly, no I’m a female in her late 20s and I’ve been offered sugar dating more than once - incel? Try something else if you want to invalidate my point".

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