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    Apps With A Short-Video System Are Making You Dumber

    From Redditor u/combine_harvestor703:

    I am talking about domains like YouTube Shorts, TikToks, Instagram reels, etc. The length of most of these videos are about 10-30 seconds or maximum a minute. That means they are limiting our attention span to half a minute or so. That means your brain wants something 'new' every 30 seconds. This seriously affects our efficiency in a lot of our daily activities. I have literally seen people taking out their phones in the movie theatre and scrolling Instagram when they a find an ongoing scene in the movie ‘boring.’

    I guess people are just letting them become a prey of this and not doing anything. This actually scares me. I have seen 8 yr olds not being able to focus on their homework and eventually give up and start scrolling Instagram. I can just hope I am overthinking and that the future of our generation is safe.

    EDIT: I just wanted to thank everyone supporting me on this topic. It's really wholesome to see so many people talking about this and it really feels good on the inside especially because this was my very first post on reddit. You guys really made my day!

    Also I guess some users are kinda misunderstanding what I intend to convey...sure, people can read my post within a minute, but I think this helped people understand my point in a concise manner without wasting their time. If you take about 20-25 reels or TikToks, you might find about 2-3 videos in that collection which actually help you in your daily lives...the rest, I think, are just...insipid...and watching those videos is just making you habitual to new dopamine hits every 30 seconds and really takes a toll on you if you rely on them for entertainment. I don't think the same thing happens when you watch a short video/post which actually helps you find what you are looking for and present it to you in a short period of time and not just blatantly waste your time by stretching it into a mini documentary...

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    Spider-Man Should Produce Natural Webs Like Tobey Maguire Did

    From Redditor u/mynamesdude:

    Regardless of what the comics say, Spider-Man should produce natural webs. Like a spider does. And not have to rely on refilling gadgets. That's Batman's job. Spider-Man inherited the qualities of a spider. It only makes sense that webs would be a part of that.

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    The Joker Is An Incredibly Worn-Out Villain And TV/Movies Need To Take A Break From Him For A While

    From Redditor u/Slow_Cat6602:

    The Joker has always been a popular Batman villain, but they didn’t used to use him like they do now. He used to just be a villain that would show up in Batman movies.

    But then The Dark Knight happened, and it was amazing, but after that everyone realized how popular The Joker could be so they started putting him in everything. And I get that there have been a lot of Batman adaptations too, but every one of them is trying to do something different with the character.

    Nobody is interested in reinventing The Joker. They just want to one-up Heath Ledger. It’s a pointless endeavor, might I add, because since Ledger did such a good job and then died nobody wants to talk about his acting critically. So now The Joker is being shoved into all this bulls*** and every one of them is written solely to outdo a dead man’s performance from 15 years ago.

    I understand that I could just stop watching this stuff, but I just want to watch a f***ing Batman movie in peace.

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    Swearing Shouldn't Be Considered Unprofessional And Swearing Alternatives Are Pointless

    From Redditor u/CarobEqual5113:

    If I say “What the f***” at a job in many work settings I’m seen as unprofessional but if I say “what the heck” I’m perfectly fine and it has no logic behind it.

    When you say “freaking” instead of “f***ing” there is zero difference, you are saying something that conveys the same message.

    “What the hell?” “What the heck?”

    Both hell and heck send the same message of what you are trying to express so it but for some reason heck Is considered clean.

    Swear words are literally a joke, they aren’t offensive.

    And just to specify slurs aren’t in the same category so don’t be that guy in the comments.

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    Wired Earphones Are Superior To Wireless Headphone

    From Redditor u/idkhowpykeworks:

    You can't lose one earbud without ripping it off, if they fall you can always grab the wire, they don't run out of battery, you can put the cord inside your clothes if it gets in your way. I'm so sad phones no longer support wired earphones.

    I hope one day society will open their eyes and see the truth.

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    Commute Time Should Be Paid For

    From Redditor u/mxbright878:

    if I'm driving or getting to work, that time should be paid for by the company. It's not my free time and not time where I can be doing anything else but traveling to the worksite.

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