25 Unpopular Opinions About What It's Really Like To Be A Parent 

Anthony Barstow
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Parenting is one of those things everyone has an opinion on. Even people without children were once children themselves and feel entitled to share their thoughts on what's right and wrong for parents. These are some of the most unpopular opinions about parenting, culled from the Reddit forum r/unpopularopinion.

These posts have been lightly edited for language and clarity.

Parents Who Send Sick Kids To School Should Be Fined

From Redditor /u/pistolography

My wife works at an elementary school, 2nd grade, and had to deal with sick kids being sent to her classroom around flu season. She has rheumatoid arthritis, which requires her to take immunosuppressive drugs to manage chronic pain and swelling. When parents send kids with an infectious illness in, she has to worry whether or not she is going to catch it. Last year, a parent knowingly sent their kid to school with flu-like symptoms, which caused she and I to both get Influenza A. Due to complications, she developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for several days, costing us over $4,200. This parent’s selfish decision to let someone else deal with their sick child cost the equivalent of 15 percent of what she makes for the year. If there were an investigative body that looked into sick cases at school and issued fines to parents they could prove knowingly sent in sick kids, then maybe these jabrones would stop putting others’ health at risk.

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Bad Parents Are To Blame For Society's Problems

From Redditor /u/shadowluna19

Seriously, lots of people are having kids and aren’t understanding the daunting responsibility that it is to be a parent.

Not trying to bag on everyone here, but it needs to be said. Lots of the people you know are lousy parents.

Everybody is just sucked into their mobile devices, not focusing on what’s happening in front of them. Your child is crying? You hand them the phone to shut them up.

Parents aren’t strict with their kids anymore, and kids aren’t learning manners like they used to. Everything starts in the home.

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Parents Rely Too Much On Meds

From Redditor /u/Dlofc

I write this, not without any experience. I am a father of four children, and so I am writing this with some perspective. Also, I was born in 1984, and so I was raised during the rise of pharmaceuticals. I remember in school, growing up, children becoming complete zombies as they were put on different medications after diagnosis. My mother was abhorred. It is not that she does not believe that there are behavioral disorders, just that she believed children were being diagnosed with bad parent disorder and not honest problems.

And that is what I honestly see, too. Parents want a pill to cure problems that are just inherent to children or puberty. My son, who is turning 13, can be easily distracted. I remember being 13, and my mom called it squirrel syndrome. Each of the boys in my family had that problem, but it passed by 15. I try to give him greater attention and guidance and a whole lot of patience. There are those days when he is a wonderful child, and there are those days when I am ready to glue him to the ceiling, but I have never considered medication for him. He is a normal, typical boy.

I am not saying that there are no behavioral disorders that need medicinal attention. I knew a few in school who had honest problems. And I am not suggesting that people should not receive the help, I am saying that the medication is being overprescribed for bad parenting.

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'Kids Will Be Kids' Is Just Lazy Parenting

From Redditor /u/donotholdyourbreath

So the thing is, I'm not concerned about the misbehavior. It's when you do nothing about it. For example, saying kids are kids when a kid is loud is stupid. I've been to Japan and Korea. Kids can be quiet there. Honestly, it's all about the way they are taught.

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