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The Most Useless Super Powers in Comics

List RulesComic book superpowers that are the most useless.

The best superheroes have an ability that would work in the real world; powers like flying, telepathy, and heightened senses are perfect and enviable. How bad do you want to skip the TSA line and fly to Europe for a long weekend? Or use your telekinetic abilities to shoot mind knives at your enemies? Or use your ice powers to help solve global warming (we’re not actually sure how global warming works)? Now those are powers that we can get behind. The abilities on this list certainly aren’t anything that you would want to have in the real world, and, even if you had them, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with them.

The power to speak to squirrels, turning into a rock, and housing two large maggots in your stomach that help you dissolve any type of matter you might encounter – these are the types of unrealistic superpowers we’re talking about on this list. The abilities that are only helpful when you live in a comic book and can get by being the third guy on a team who can transport minor distances. We’re not saying these characters are a waste of space, but they definitely aren’t the most useful cards in the deck.

Put your amazing voting ability to good use and let us know which character you think has the most useless super power, then call upon the amazing vocal prowess that you’ve gained from earth’s yellow sun and take to the comments to let us know if we’ve missed any lame mutants or metahumans.
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