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27 MORE Things That Seem Horribly Unsafe

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There are lots of reasons safety laws exist and every person on this list is one of them. Every single one of the things happening in these unsafe photos is an accident waiting to happen; a horrifying, horrifying accident. Every stupid person on this list is a walking advertisement for the fact that we still don't have enough safety signs. Signs should line the walls of every building, if this list of safety fails is any indication of how people are living their lives out there. 

Using a stepladder is terrifying enough, but some of the things the guys on this list do with ladders are straight-up batsh*t insane. Lots of these guys are just doing their jobs, and every one of their supervisors should be fired for these completely unsafe construction sites. Either that or they should be getting paid at least ten times the amount they're probably getting paid. 

Every one of these situations is bad news, anxiety-inducing to look at, and horribly unsafe. Browse through these unsafe pictures and feel good that you are not one of these people.

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    This Ladder Setup

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    This Advertisement For Goggles

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    This Window Washing Rig

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    This Ladder Extension

    Photo: u/aromaticrubbish / Reddit
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