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14 Unsatisfying Anime Deaths That Didn't Do Awesome Characters Justice

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A lot of people die in anime. Like, a lot. And many of those times, it’s a beloved character, or at least a character of some import. Usually, the creators do justice to these characters, which results in some of the most satisfying deaths in anime. However, there are still a lot of lame deaths in anime. Sure, half of them are from Another, which is basically an animated Final Destination, but don't worry - there’s only one example from that show on this list. 

But Another isn’t the sole culprit in producing unsatisfying anime deaths. Sometimes, the animators just miss the mark. Most people would agree that there are few things more infuriating than an anti-climactic death. It’s okay for characters to die, but it better damn well serve a purpose. Compiled here are bad anime deaths that didn’t do the character justice in any way. Vote up the most disappointing and terribly lame deaths in anime. 

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    Lubbock From 'Akame Ga Kill!' Fell Onto Some Spikes From Really High Up

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    Lubbock's ultimate fight with Syura starts off pretty great. The problem is, right as Lubbock kills Syura, Syura uses the shambhala to teleport them both really high up in the sky. So, Syura's dead body starts coming back down, and Lubbock's very-much-still-living body is also falling with it. The battle is won, yet suddenly fans have to watch Lubbock slowly descend to his death while dreaming of his love, Najenda. The worst part? He lands on some spikes. Uncool and unfair. 

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    Neji Died For The Purpose Of Naruto And Hinata's Character Development In 'Naruto Shippuden'

    While many fans would agree that Neji's death was an emotional moment in the series, we can't help but wonder whether his death had any purpose. It's pretty common for characters to die just so the protagonist can have better character development. But Neji's death seemed anticlimactic and unnecessary. He was an amazing character who barely got a chance to fully develop his arc. Neji died just so Naruto and Hina could become closer to each other. 

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    Ponzu's Death Came Out Of Left Field In 'Hunter x Hunter'

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    The "Chimera Ant Arc" is known to be the series' darkest arc. Yet that still didn't prepare us for Ponzu's shocking death. There's a glimmer of hope when Ponzu escapes from the Chimera Ants and manages to send a message for help. But she's suddenly shot to death by an Ant. Ponzu was a character who brought a smile to everyone's faces. She didn't deserve to go out in such a brutal way. When the Ant shoots her lifeless body over and over, it really hones in the fact that her death had no significance. 

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    Mike Zacharias Gets Taken Out Too Easily In 'Attack On Titan'

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    Mike Zacharias was known as the second strongest Survey Corps soldier after Levi. That's why it was so upsetting to see him go in such a shocking and brutal fashion. After killing three Titans single-handedly, Mike is thrown for a loop by the Beast Titan's appearance. Soon after, he gets ripped apart by a mob of hungry Titans while crying for help. Many fans expected Mike to play a larger role in the series given that he was such a skilled fighter. His death was quite disturbing and sudden, even for Attack on Titan. Plus, none of the main characters even mention his death after. It's as if he was completely forgotten after that scene. 

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