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Historical Photos That Are Low-Key Terrifying

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Heavy shadows, monotone colors, and faded edges can make historical photos terrifying. Though not the most inherently scary photos, pictures from the past can have a haunting and unsettling eeriness to them. Many historical photos aren't meant to scare viewers, but due to their sometimes macabre or unusual nature, they can't help but send shivers down a person's spine.

The homemade costumes, dreary dolls, and unblinking eyes turn what could have once been the most mundane or fun photographs into low-key nightmares.

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    A Creepy Costume, Unknown Year

    Photo: /u/PapayaSF / Reddit
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    A Clown Standing On Stilts, Unknown Year

    Photo: /u/WendyRunningMouth / Reddit
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    A Girl In A Mask With Her Doll, Unknown Year

    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
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    A US Navy L-8 Blimp That Continued To Fly After Its Crew Allegedly Disappeared, 1942

    Photo: /u/Carp69 / Reddit
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