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19 Infamous Celebrity Murders That Remain Unsolved To This Day

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Celebrities are almost always in the spotlight, but in these cases of unsolved celebrity murders, their fame wasn't enough to save them, or find their killer. This list features unsolved murders of celebrities and includes some of the most notorious crimes in history. Some of these celebrities were filming at the time of their death, while others were in their own homes. 

Most of these murder cases closed after years of searching fruitlessly for suspects or substantial evidence; their leads coming to dead ends. However, some of them remain open and even decades after the murders, authorities are still attempting to identify what actually happened. For now though, they remain a mystery.
  • Known for: Hip hop icon

    Rapper Tupac Shakur was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996 and died six days later in the hospital. He had just attended a boxing match and a witness identified a Crips gang member, Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, in the lobby. The witness also said that Anderson had attacked Shakur. It is speculated that the death was gang related, but sufficient evidence was never given to lead to any arrests. He was 25 years old when he died.

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  • Known for: Hip hop icon

    Rapper Christopher George Latore Wallace was better known by his stage names The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie, or Biggie Smalls. He became a central figure in the East Coast hip hop scene during a time when the West Coast scene was dominant in the mainstream, leading to an ongoing feud between the two groups, including with his longtime rival Tupac Shakur. After Shakur's death in 1996, Biggie became concerned about his own life. He was killed in 1997 after leaving the Soul Train Music Awards in LA when he was sitting in an SUV and another car pulled up beside him and shot him. No one was ever named a suspect in his death. He was 24 years old. 

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  • Known for: Being a Hollywood publicist

    A Hollywood publicist, Chasen was a veritable institution in the movie industry, representing everyone from filmmakers to producers and composers. She orchestrated the Oscar campaign for Driving Miss Daisy, and worked with actor Michael Douglas. 

    In the early hours of November 16, 2010, while driving home from the Hollywood premiere of the film 
    Burlesque, Chasen's Mercedes was shot at four times and her body was found slumped over in her car. The murder had many in Hollywood scratching their heads and sparked a massive police hunt, with some sources claiming it was a planned hit. Adding to the mystery, the lead suspect Harold Martin Smith in the murder reportedly committed suicide, though the case was closed after that.
  • Known for: film acting, starring in West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause.

    Born Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko, Wood was known for her roles in West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause, as well as high-profile relationships with many men, from Elvis Presley to Dennis Hopper. On the evening of November 28, 1981, she was on Catalina Island taking a break from filming the sci-fi film Brainstorm with her co-star, Christopher Walken, and her husband, Robert Wagner, when she and Wagner began to argue about her relationship with Walken. 

    The next morning, Wood's body was found along with a dinghy floating in the water. A passenger on a boat nearby claimed she heard someone yelling cries of help that evening. In the wake of Wood's death, her lawyer said, "It was not a homicide… not a suicide. It was an accident."

    While many thought Wagner was the culprit, police officially declared him not a suspect in 2011. In 2013, her death certificate was mysteriously changed, from the reason of death being an "accidental drowning," to drowning caused by "undetermined factors."

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