Unsolved Codes and Ciphers That Might Just Be Jokes (Or Even Gibberish)

There are dozens of examples of unsolved codes and scripts spanning from earliest history to modern times. Linear A, Etruscan, the Pigeon Cipher, the fourth and final section of the Kryptos sculpture – the list of mysterious unsolved ciphers goes on and on. Many of these ciphers may never be cracked, if for no other reason than the limited sample size. For example, the ancient Greek writing system Linear A has over 1,400 existing specimens, but it all boils down to barely a couple pages' worth of content. That's not much for codebreakers to go on.

But what about unsolved codes that might mean nothing? There are cases out there that have raised more than a few eyebrows and, for various reasons, seem a bit off. Might some of them actually be tricks, hoaxes, or jokes that long-forgotten pranksters played on humanity?

The answer is most definitely yes, some of them might be exactly that. For all the effort people love to put into solving mysteries, there are always going to be those that simply don't have solutions. So, for anyone planning to head off into the hills to score some treasure or hunker down in a basement to unravel a baffling murder, here are some unsolved ciphers that might actually just be jokes on us all.