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The Deeply Unsettling And Unsolved Murder Of Dorothy Jane Scott

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One night in 1980, after taking a coworker to the hospital for a spider bite, Dorothy Jane Scott sped into the darkness, never to be seen again. Four years later, her remains were found, but her murder remains unsolved. The facts about the death of Dorothy Jane Scott, however, get stranger with the mysterious calls that she received before her murder. The calls continued to her mother for four years after her death, but they were never traceable, and the killer was never caught. These are the facts behind the ordeal that tortured a woman and her family until their deaths. 

While this is only one of many unsolved murders in California, this one stands out from the rest. The stalking that she endured before her death is disturbing, and the fact that this stalking continued even after she died makes the fact that the killer was never caught astounding. It seems unbelievable that the killer would remain at large, but so they have.

The unsolved murder of Dorothy Jane Scott haunted her family, and haunts the unsolved case files even now. 

  • The Killer Stalked Scott Significantly Before Her Murder

    It all started with a few weird phone calls. Several months before Scott went missing in the year 1980, her phone started to ring frequently with random calls, and a person on the other end would tell her horrifying and threatening things. The other person seemed to know her schedule and her every move, and swung wildly between being friendly though a little obsessive, to violent and angry. It quickly became clear that Scott had a very devoted stalker.

    Terrifyingly enough, Scott once said the voice sounded like someone she knew. However, they never revealed their name or location, and Scott never identified them to anyone else. Unfortunately, she'd never get the chance to reveal the mystery of who her stalker was, and no one else would either. 

  • Scott Was So Afraid Of The Caller That She Considered Buying A Gun

    Scott Was So Afraid Of The Caller That She Considered Buying A Gun
    Photo: peteSwede / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    The phone calls became so serious and terrifying, that Scott began to fear for her life. At one point the caller told her "...when I get you alone I will cut you up into bits so no one will ever find you." The caller also told her what she was wearing that day, and this shook Scott to the core. She began to take self defense classes and karate, in order to prepare herself for a possible attack.

    On top of that, she considered buying a handgun for self-defense, but eventually decided against it. She had a four-year-old son, Shawn, whom she was afraid would accidentally harm himself, so she ultimately never bought the gun. She also worked closely with a hippie community and was much more of a peace-loving woman than a gun-toting one.

    Given what happened later, it seems as though she may have needed it after all.

  • A Black Widow Spider Brought Scott To The Place Of Her Death

    A Black Widow Spider Brought Scott To The Place Of Her Death
    Photo: carla kishinami / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Things went bad by chance when Scott noticed that one of her co-workers was acting a little strange. On May 28th,1980, Scott noticed that a fellow worker, Conrad Bostron, was fidgeting and seeming to be in pain, and his arm looked strange. Eventually, she convinced him to go to the emergency room, suspecting something was amiss, and asked another worker, Pam Head, to go with them. When they got to the hospital, they'd found that Bostron had been bitten by a black widow spider and the bite had become infected.

    Luckily for Bostron, he was treated in a timely fashion and was on the mend. Scott told Head and Bostron she'd go pull the car around for them, and they waited for her. And waited. And waited. At last, her car came into view, but it was speeding by, and showed no signs or stopping. Without warning, it sped out of the parking lot and into the night, leaving her coworkers standing by the hospital, confused. It was the last time any of them would see her alive.

  • Her Car Was Found On Fire

    Her Car Was Found On Fire
    Photo: congvo / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    After a little time had passed, her co-workers and family became worried and called the police. What followed was a search for Scott's car, which reached a horrifying end. After several hours of searching, police came across the vehicle, which was engulfed in flames. It was ten miles away in Santa Ana, but there was no sign of an accident, and no sign of Scott herself, either.

    Hope surged that she might not have been killed in the blaze, but as she continued to stay missing, her family began to worry. They were told not to contact the news or media about the disappearance during the investigation, and they simply waited for any word. Before long, they would have even greater reason to fear for Scott's safety.