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This Man's Unsolved Death And The Strange Note He Left Behind Are Still Baffling People To This Day

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Many interesting unsolved deaths stand out more than others, but the Gunther Stoll death mystery remains one of the most talked about cases in German history. In 1984, Stoll - a paranoid man - shouted at his wife, “Now I understand!” He jotted down a note and left his home. That would be the last time Stoll's wife saw him alive.

Later that night, Stoll was discovered by some truck drivers barely alive in a wrecked car, but his injuries weren't from the car accident. Was Gunther Stoll murdered? What was written in Gunther Stoll's mysterious note? The unsolved death of Gunther Stoll continues to perplex and boggle minds. The details of the Gunther Stoll case are definitely strange, and you can decide for yourself what could have happened to the man on that fateful night.

  • He Thought Someone Was Out To Get Him

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    Stoll, 34, suffered from paranoia. It was reported he frequently told his wife "they" were out to get him. Why his wife never asked Stoll who exactly "they" were is unclear. It's never been revealed who Stoll was referring to. It is known Stoll believed whoever was out to get him had bad intentions.

  • The Mysterious Note Gunther Stoll Left Behind

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    The note Stoll wrote before leaving his house that day simply read "YOG'TZE," which he had also crossed out. It is not known whether the third letter in the note is a "G" or a "6." The word Yog'tze has no known meaning in any language.

    There is much speculation as to what Stoll was trying to articulate with this note. One of the more common theories is that it was a license plate number of a vehicle that ran him over later that night. It seems improbable  Stoll could have known the license plate number to a vehicle before the accident took place, but some argue that Stoll had a premonition of his impending doom before it happened. People also speculated the note reads "YO6TZE," which is a Romanian radio call sign.

  • He Went To A Pub And Collapsed Before Disappearing

    Once Stoll left his home, he drove to Wilnsdorf, a town approximately 10 minutes away from his home in Anzhausen. There, Stoll went to his favorite pub and ordered a beer, but before ever receiving the drink, he mysteriously fell to the floor, knocking himself unconscious. Witnesses at the pub told police he didn't appear to be intoxicated. Stoll eventually regained consciousness and left the bar around 11 pm.

  • He Told A Friend He Knew He Was Going To Get Into An Accident

    Two hours after leaving the bar, Stoll showed up at a childhood friend's home in Haigerseelbach. The town of Haigerseelbach is about six miles from the pub in Wilnsdorf. Because it was so late at night, his friend did not allow Stoll into her home, but they spoke on the patio for a few minutes. Eventually, the woman told Stoll he should go home to his wife. Stoll left the woman's residence, but not before warning her that a "horrible accident" was going to take place.