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People Are Still Annoyed At This Obvious Plot Hole In The Dark Knight Rises  

Kellie Kreiss

Welcome to Unsolved Movie Mysteries, where we set out to uncover the true story behind the most perplexing, unsettling, and down-right unbelievable moments from some of Hollywood's most notorious films.

Here we find ourselves confronted with a classic case of who-done-it, or how-did-it, or what-even-actually-happened-here?

It's Gotham City, 2012, and the Dark Knight has again taken to the streets after an eight-year hiatus, but it isn't Batman's actions that come into question here - rather, we turn our focus to a lone henchman by the name of Gil Haggard whose mysterious defeat during a rooftop tussle suggests that something supernatural may have been afoot.

During a brutal battle with the Dark Knight and Catwoman, Haggard can be seen being violently flung off to the side; however, when the video footage of the incident pans upward, no one is there.

So, what really happened to Haggard? Are his claims true, that he was struck square in the face by an unknown entity, or had this all been a cleaver ploy to distract from his taking up arms to fight with mastermind villain Bane?

Delve into a mystery even the world's greatest detective can't solve by watching the hilarious video below.