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In 2011, Holly Bobo was a regular 20-year-old woman living in Darden, Tennessee. She was a nursing student who lived with her parents and had a pretty normal life - until the morning of April 13th, when her brother watched her walk into the woods with a mysterious man wearing camouflage, where she disappeared. The disappearance of Holly Bobo took another turn when hunters found her remains in the woods four years later, prompting a series of arrests that have never answered the question: “Who killed Holly Bobo?”

The unsolved murder of Holly Bobo is oddly reminiscent of the type of crimes that were inflicted on young women throughout the '70s and '80s. It’s the kind of crime that feels like it can’t happen anymore now that every space has been explored and geotagged, but this case proves that there are still spaces in the world that aren’t safe - including suburban Tennessee.

The events surrounding Bobo’s death have triggered multiple theories about what really happened - from fantastical stories of a young woman being killed by the government, to simpler stories focusing on a local police force that’s in over its head with a grisly murder investigation. The way this case has dragged on, it’s likely that whatever answer the police come up with will never satisfy everyone. The only hope is that Bobo’s family finds some sort of closure around the death of their daughter.

Who Was Holly Bobo Talking To Before She Disappeared?

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The timeline surrounding Holly's murder begins on the morning of April 13th with Holly's brother, Clint, seeing her outside talking with someone he assumed to be her boyfriend, Drew Scott. Clint said that it looked like they were kneeling down and having a heated argument, with the man he thought was Drew doing most of the talking. Clint recalled, "The only words I could make out from here were Holly saying, 'No, why?'"

During the argument, Clint and Holly's mother, Karen, called and when she heard what was happening she said, "Clint, that's not Drew. Get a gun and shoot him." Clint thought his mother was confused and didn't want to shoot anyone. Shortly afterward, Clint saw Holly walk into the woods with the man and found a pool of blood near her car.

What's In The Bucket?

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"The bucket" is one of the most intriguing aspects of the Holly Bobo case. And if you've even done a cursory amount of research into this mysterious murder, then you know that people are obsessed with discovering what was inside the bucket found by the man who was out hunting for ginseng, but ended up finding Bobo's body instead.

Details about the contents of the bucket have yet to be released in an attempt to keep some details of the case private, but the man who discovered Bobo's remains says that what he found inside was disturbing. So, what was in the bucket? Some people believe that it was her head, but there are reports that say Bobo's skull was found among her remains. Other amateur sleuths feel that it could be anything from photos to clothes to a fetus. The world at large will likely never know what was in the bucket until Bobo's murderer(s) finally go to trial.

Holly's Mom Knows The Killer

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One distressing theory about Holly Bobo's murder is that her mother, Karen, knows who committed the crime, but that she's staying quiet. According to Clint Bobo (Holly's brother), the morning that Holly was led away into the woods he spoke to his mother on the phone and she told him to shoot the man Holly was speaking to. Why would she tell her son to shoot someone if she wasn't afraid of what they would do? Unless Karen tells her children to shoot everyone who visits their property, which is equally as frightening.

Zachary Adams's Facebook Is Very Creepy

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Zachary Adams not only has a history of heavy drug usage, but was also involved in the heist of fresh water pearls from the nearby Tennessee Shell Company in Camden. While Adams (who became a prime suspect in Holly Bobo's murder) was already in custody, some very strange circumstantial evidence appeared online. A friend of Bobo's was looking through Adams's Facebook page and discovered a post that was made the same day Holly disappeared that read, "You know you never was, you stupid whore." Which is creepy, but could also just be a coincidence. However, the friend then noticed another post published right after the reward for Bobo's body went up, that showed Adams dressed in camo with the caption, "Who am I looking for?" Spooky stuff, but didn't end up being enough evidence to hold him.