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Famous Unsolved Murders of Families

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Few things are more terrifying than when a murder is committed and the murderer is never found. When an entire family is murdered, it takes the crime to a whole new level. This list discusses the most famous unsolved murders of families and couples, and are arguably some of the most gruesome and shocking unsolved murder cases in history.
It is hard to understand how someone could be motivated to take another person’s life, but when it comes to the victims listed on this list, understanding the reasons behind the crime is almost impossible. Sadly, it is most likely that no one will ever be forced to pay for these crimes as police weren't able to find the proper evidence to solve the murders. 
Many of the cases featured on this list therefore remain open, while others have officially been closed after years of unsuccessful attempts at finding the killer. What are the most famous unsolved murders of families? Read through the list below to find out.

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    Robison Family

    The Robison family murders, also referred to as the Good Hart murders, were the mass murders of Richard Robison, his wife Shirley Robison, and their four children, Ritchie, Gary, Randy, and Susan. 

    The upper-middle-class Robison family was from the metropolitan Detroit area of Lathrup Village, Michigan, and were spending the summer vacationing in their Lake Michigan cottage just north of Good Hart, Michigan.

    One day, some ladies during a bridge game noticed a foul smell coming from a nearby cabin – the Robinson's. The ladies came upon the house to find the entire Robison family rotting in the summer heat, where they had been dead for over a month. They were beaten, shot, and killed amongst overturned furniture and broken glass. Though a few prime suspects existed, no substantial evidence ever brought justice to the murders.
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    Setagaya Family

    In 2000, Mikio Miyazawa, wife Yasuko, and their two children were found stabbed to death – except for the son, who was strangled. Investigators believe the killer spent up to 11 hours in the family's home after killing them, using their computer and eating ice cream before leaving the next morning. 

    While clothing, one of the murder weapons, and some fingerprints were found, no suspects have been named. About 190,000 officers have been involved in the case, and 40 are still actively working on it. The reward for revealing the killer is 10 million yen, up from the original 3 million yen in 2000.
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    Sun Family

    Maoye Sun and his wife Mei Xie, along with their two young sons inside their Cypress, Texas, were murdered in their home in March 2014. The victims were each shot in the head four times. No suspects have been named and no leads have been brought forward by the Chinese community in which they lived.

    Police received a number of tips but there was never enough information given to lead to the name of a suspect. The case remains unsolved.

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    Bennett Family

    On January 15, 1984, Bruce Bennett lost the battle with a killer who pummeled and sexually assaulted his 26-year-old wife, Debra, and 7-year-old daughter, Melissa. The attack also shattered the face of their 3-year-old daughter, Vanessa.

    The 3 year old Vanessa was the only one to survive; though her jaw was crushed, sending jagged bones into her windpipe, she was found when her grandmother, Constance Bennett, checked on the family later that morning when they didn't show up to work at their furniture store.

    An investigation in which more than 500 people were questioned did not uncover any leads to solve the case.