The Most Terrifying Paranormal Segments From 'Unsolved Mysteries'

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Unsolved Mysteries isn't just about disappearances and slayings. While the landmark television series mostly dabbles in true crime, it's not afraid to make time for spooky, unexplainable segments. The show often covered the paranormal, and some of the segments are still pretty freaky.

Most supernatural Unsolved Mysteries segments deal with families living through terrifying situations or hotel guests coming into contact with the unknown. The thing that sets Unsolved Mysteries apart from other paranormal TV shows is the amount of investigation that goes into each episode. The series strives to discover an actual reason behind every haunting it covers, and more often than not, Robert Stack and company find a dark mystery at the center of their paranormal investigation. 

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    The Black Hope Curse

    The Black Hope Curse
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    A terrifying segment in Season 12, episode 7 of Unsolved Mysteries has all the makings of a great horror movie. Just after Sam and Judith Haney began construction on their backyard swimming pool, an elderly local man filled them in on a startling fact: Their home was built on a makeshift burial ground once known as Black Hope Cemetery. Sam recalled

    This elderly man told me that he had noticed that we were putting a swimming pool in our backyard and that there was something about our backyard that I needed to know about. So I followed him around to my backyard, and he pointed at the ground and said that there are some graves right here. And he marked a spot on the ground where they were. And I really didn’t know how to react to that. I didn’t know if he was just joking. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to joke about something like that.

    Sam started digging anyway, and he quickly found the remains of multiple people, most of whom were enslaved while alive. After discovering the remains of a couple who were both still wearing their wedding rings, the Haneys stopped digging, but the spirits were already disturbed. 

    Plants began decaying, unexplained pockets of freezing air wafted through the home, and neighbors experienced malicious shadow entities. While attempting to prove to the city their homes were built atop a cemetery, one neighbor tried to dig up more graves and suffered a massive heart attack in the middle of the act. The Haneys went bankrupt due to court costs and ended up forfeiting the house. 


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    The Demonic Bunk Bed

    The Demonic Bunk Bed
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    After buying a secondhand bunk bed for their kids, Alan and Debby Tallman introduced a demonic entity into their lives for nine solid months. Initially, their kids repeatedly got sick for no reason and their belongings started moving around. The most frightening aspects of the demonic presence involved their youngest child, though.

    When the Tallman's young daughter slept in the bunk bed, she saw her room on fire and a red-eyed witch hiding behind her door. After the family brought in their pastor, the supernatural happenings increased, with doors slamming at all hours of the night and voices calling to the family from outside. 

    When the red-eyed witch made another appearance, the Tallmans got out of the house and burned the bunk bed a few weeks later. Following the destruction of the bed, they were never bothered again. 


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    The Neighborly Ghost

    The Neighborly Ghost
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    This segment of Unsolved Mysteries presented a young girl named Heidi Wyrick who had the uncanny ability to see ghosts. Her powers first manifested when she saw the spirit of an old man named "Con," who was covered in blood and wrapped in bandages. Con spoke with the girl, and when she brought it up to her parents, they freaked out. 

    Heidi's folks tried to find Con in their neighborhood, but no one fit his description. They did more intensive research and discovered someone matching Con's description named Lon Batchelor, who lived in the neighborhood 20 years prior to the sighting. Batchelor and a second spirit remained frequent visitors to the house, and they never caused a stir. 

    When Heidi’s mother got pregnant, a new entity appeared, and it wasn't as benevolent as Batchelor and his friend. After the baby was born, the new spirit - an ominous dark figure - began pestering Heidi, scratching her up in the middle of the night. 

    An adult Heidi told Unsolved Mysteries she sees spirits all the time, but the mysterious dark figure is the only one who's persisted since her childhood. 


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    The Mann Family Haunting

    The Mann Family Haunting
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    The Mann family haunting in Lake Wales, FL, is a classic ghost story. In 1991, the family's son, Alan, started seeing a ghostly woman throughout the house in the middle of the day. His mother, Linda, saw wisps of smoke that wafted near their couch. Faced with these spooky apparitions, the family decided to break out the Ouija board to contact the spirits in their home. 

    According to their Ouija session, the ghost was named "Kramer," but that information didn't convince the patriarch of the home the haunting was legitimate. He was persuaded to believe in the supernatural, though, after Linda was overcome with a spirit one night and assaulted him. Linda claimed she didn't remember the incident, which makes the whole thing even creepier. 

    The haunting continued, with lamps that reportedly spit fire, paranormal investigators coming, and a phantom smell that wafted through the house. Following a visit from a local minister, the weirdness stopped, but the Manns and everyone involved still left the house for good and never looked back.