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12 Terrifying Stories Of Truck Stop Murders That Are Still Unsolved

Updated 30 Jul 2020 75.6k views12 items

People travel every day, stopping, at times, in rest areas to take quick breaks. As anyone who has been on a road trip knows, some rest stops are creepier than others, and some travelers become the victims of unsolved rest stop murders. Their stories are so frightening that they read like horror movie plots... but no one knows the ending.

These rest stop killings that haven't been solved have stumped investigators and broken the hearts of victims' families, but it's the creepy details of these murders that will have you hesitant to stop off at a rest area ever again. Whether the rest stops in question were dumping grounds for serial killers, hunting grounds for new victims, or places vagrants looked to take advantage of tourists, rest areas have been the unfortunate sites of untimely deaths, as these tragic stories show.

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