15 Unspoken Rules About Alabama That All The Locals Know

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Alabama locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

The state can sometimes be overlooked as a tourist destination, but if you follow the local Alabama rules, you'll learn what to do in Alabama. Read up on these interesting Alabama tourist tips that locals are sharing to make the best out of your trip. And when you're done, you can always learn about another Southern state and it's rules.

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    The Naval Museum Is Free, So Check It Out!

    From Redditor u/NDDESQ:

    If you're looking to be around Pensacola, then I'd suggest venturing over to Fort Morgan over by Gulf Shores, AL. The sunset overlooking the Bay/Gulf down there is beautiful most nights. Also, the Naval Air Museum in Pcola is free and has some awesome stuff there. Not sure when the Blue Angels are back but they are based there. Believe they usually practice Tues/Wed.

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    There's Plenty To Do In Birmingham

    From Redditor u/jmschill:

    There's a lot of things to do in Birmingham. The food and drink scene is awesome, I'd recommend Saws BBQ in Homewood to get a taste of the south (it's on many lists for the best barbecue in America). There's also nice hiking, Ruffner Mountain offers some cool trails and a really nice overlook of the entire city and Oak Mountain has mountain biking, climbing, etc. And there will always be live music playing somewhere in Birmingham, just give it a google.

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    Head To The Rocket City

    From Redditor u/pawned79:

    The US Space & Rocket Center is located in Huntsville "The Rocket City" Alabama. Huntsville is the home of Redstone Arsenal hosting the Marshall Space Flight Center, the Missile Defense Agency, and many MANY more aerospace and defense organizations and companies.

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    Hike By One Of The Many Rivers

    From a former Redditor:

    Don’t be afraid of just going where the road takes you. Alabama is great. We have one of the biggest river systems in America, a ton of trails, lots of hiking. We have social events galore, especially in the fall with football. If you can think of it, Alabama probably has it.

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    ALWAYS Take A Map When Hiking

    From Redditor u/megascopsasio:

    When it comes to hiking in Bankhead, please please please take a map with you. The Sipsey Wilderness is incredibly beautiful, and I recommend hiking it to everyone who is physically able. If you want to see waterfalls, I recommend the 200 trail! I have been there many times. But it is true wilderness. It's not like a state park, where it is accessible and safe. There is no cell service there. If you get lost, you cannot call for help. I don't say this to scare you, but to encourage preparedness. I never go there without a map, a flashlight, food, and plenty of water. Go early and track how long you have been out, so you can get back before dark. And I'm going to repeat this because I cannot stress the importance of it: there is NO cell service in Bankhead. If you take an Uber out there, you WILL NOT be able to call one for a ride back home. Have an alternate plan.

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    Get A Drink At Florabama

    From Redditor u/yatahaze:

    The USS Alabama battleship is in Mobile, AL, they have tours there. It's only roughly a 3-hour drive from Pensacola to New Orleans, LA as well. And if you like gambling Biloxi, MS is only 1 hour 45 mins away. Gulf Shores, AL and Orange Beach, AL are beautiful if you want a relaxing beach day. The Florabama is right there on the AL/FL state line its a pretty popular bar for vacationers. It has live music and if you prefer a little more mellow atmosphere you can walk across the street to the Florabama Yacht Club. They also do live music and it feels more like a relaxed outdoor restaurant. The Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores has some beautiful trails. To the east Destin, FL has the Harborwalk which has restaurants, shops, and fireworks over the water every Thursday.

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