15 Unspoken Rules About Brazil That All The Locals Know

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Brazilians: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Brazil is one of those tourist destinations that should be on everyone's bucket list. But there are also certain Brazilian rules and secret Brazilian tourist tips that you might want to know to make the most out of your trip. See what the locals are recommending!

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    Avoid The Copacabana Tourist Trap

    From Redditor u/justbronzestuff:

    I live in Rio and there definitely are must-dos:

    First of all: Don't f*cking go to Copacabana, honestly it sucks. It's a tourist trap, it's always crowded and full of pickpocketers and [crooks] and weird people. Instead go to Leblon or Ipanema, not that crowded, it's where we all go, especially "posto 9" or "coqueirao". Also, weed is pretty much legal there, if you're interested. Don't go smoking on the street, but on the sand, it's quite fine, some of the tents that sell food might sell weed too...

    Next on my list, there is definitely the sunset in Arpoador, there is a huge stone there where people gather to see it, it's really beautiful.

    If you're into hiking, there is the Pedra Bonita trail where you can climb to the top of this hill. It's a really nice view and provides great pictures.

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    Learn Some Portuguese

    From Redditor u/victorvitorino:

    It will be useful for you to learn some basic sentences [in Portuguese] because generally, people here don't speak English very well. I mean, everyday people on the street and working in stores and restaurants (you won't have this problem in hotels or airports). There is a lot to do in Rio and even more in São Paulo, they're both huge cities. If you plan to stay a whole week in Rio, then you should also visit Petropolis (it's about two hours by car from Rio) and it's one of our most beautiful cities.

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    ATMs Close Early

    From Redditor u/RedditandCr*ck:

    The most important thing I found is you have to remember that most ATMs are inaccessible from around 8 pm until the morning. They are inside the banks, which close their doors at that time. Also, many banks which carry the same name as western ones won't accept your card. I seem to remember that Caixa is a good one, but I can't be sure. Just make sure it has a Visa or MasterCard symbol. It really sucks to run out of money late at night and discover how hard it is to withdraw the hard way. It's best to get some reals (local currency) before you land too since the ATMs at the airport don't necessarily cater to international people.

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    Don't Overlook The Museums

    From Redditor u/justbronzestuff:

    Interesting museums here we have the CCBB (Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil), The UFRJ museum, National Museum of beautiful arts, Imperial Museum.

    Near cities to go that are really beautiful and worth a try are Angra dos Reis, Paraty, Petropolis and Visconde de Mauá. Note that while Paraty and Petropolis are much more "museum cities", visconde and angra are beautiful cities with hikes and etc.

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    Watch For Unlicensed Cabs

    From Redditor u/RedditandCr*ck:

    Don't get in unlicensed cabs. You will probably be fine, but they will charge you a sh*t ton of money. If you do, ask them if they are a carioca da Gema. Worked for me!

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    Go To Ilha Grande

    From Redditor u/palebluebob

    Get yourself over to Ilha Grande for a few days.

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