15 Unspoken Rules About California That All The Locals Know

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Californians: Vote up the unspoken rules all tourists should know before they visit.

"California Dreamin'" is not just an extremely popular song - it's an actual thing. How many times have you thought about leaving everything behind and heading to California to relax, surf, get a tan, and become a movie star? If that's the case and you're about to book a flight, it's better that you read this list and follow some secret local rules before you arrive. 

Photo: Alfred Twu / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

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    Applies For Everybody And Everywhere

    From Redditor u/actuallivingdinosaur:

    Wear headphones instead of playing your music on speaker.

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    No CD Policy

    From Redditor u/screenwriterjohn:

    Don't take any CDs from anyone. Ignore the folks in costumes. The beach is great north of Venice. Venice at night is [terrible].

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    Rain Is An Event

    From Redditor u/boosted_monkey13:

    People here do not know how to drive. Don't get me started when it rains.

    When it rains, you will hear everyone talking about it.

    Wear deodorant because you will be sweaty.

    Get ready to pay a lot for rent.

    Brace yourself for the entitlement that people have, especially on the roads.

    You must like drinking craft beer.

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    The 20-Minute Rule

    From a former Redditor:

    Everyone's always late. They are "20 minutes away."

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    Driving Can Be Perilous

    From Redditor u/pearlc:

    Two cars can make a non-protected left once the light passes yellow unless a [jerk] coming in the opposite direction insists on barreling through the red. Use at your own risk and judgment, of course.

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    THE Highway To Hell

    From Redditor u/d0ndada:

    Always include "the" when naming freeways. For example, "Take the 94 west to the 805 north and then catch the 8 west."

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