15 Unspoken Rules About Colorado That All The Locals Know

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Colorado locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Feeling the urge to grab a backpack and head out to Colorado? It's one of the richest states in wilderness and mountain ranges, but just like all other states, there are some Colorado rules you need to know before you go. The locals would love to host you, provided you know exactly what not to do in Colorado. 

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    Don't Waste Your Time In The City

    From Redditor u/ILikeBeets:

    Denver is an awesome town so I would drive into Denver and spend a couple of days either going to the tourist traps (16th Street, etc.) or chilling with locals and drinking some of the best beer in America, seriously, we have awesome beer here.

    Only spend a day or two in Denver though, then head up to the hills, depending on how much money you have, you could go all out and check out Vail, Telluride and Aspen, or Steamboat (awesome) if you can get there. Or you can hang out in the smaller-but-not-so-small-it's-creepy towns like Dilon, Georgetown, Eagle, etc.

    The mountains are definitely worth it if you're even a little bit adventurous, there is something to do for anyone with any amount of money.

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    Drive Carefully

    From Redditor u/ILikeBeets:

    Be careful driving [in the mountains]. It's not so bad as long as you go slow and pay attention. Just don't think 4-wheel drive means you can haul *ss and for god's sake don't get wasted and try to drive in the mountains with snow on the ground. It's a seriously bad idea.

    It's really not that hard or scary when you get the hang of it, just pay attention and go slow and you'll be good. Also, look into free buses. A lot of mountain towns, particularly resort towns and Summit County, offer free bus rides and/or shuttle rides from hotels to bars.

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    Estes Park Is Touristy

    From Redditor u/Brock_Lobstweiler:

    There's more stuff to see if you go through Estes Park, but fewer people if you go the back way through Grand Lake. Estes Park is more touristy and probably easier to find things.

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    Don't Overestimate Your Alcohol Tolerance

    From Redditor u/suchsweetnothing:

    You will definitely get buzzed/drunk much, much quicker. Take your time to drink!!! I had one mojito and I was feeling it.

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    Check Out A Barcade In Denver 

    From Redditor u/itssheramie:

    I always take people to the 1up in Denver. It's a bar with a TON of arcade games. 

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    Remember: It's A Big State

    From Redditor u/karliecandreas:

    There are tons of awesome things to do in Colorado, but it is a big state. Going to the Roaring Fork Valley is definitely something I would recommend. Within 40 minutes of each other, you can visit the worlds largest hot springs in Glenwood Springs (I grew up there and its a great little town), go skiing at some of the countries best ski resorts (Aspen, Buttermilk, Snowmass, etc...) and go out in Aspen for drinks, dinner, whatever. If you are looking for snow and fun, go to the valley!

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