15 Unspoken Rules About France That All The Locals Know

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French locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

France is no different from any other country when it comes to unspoken rules. To be fully prepared for a trip to the land of love, cheese, and wine, you should probably be aware of these France tourist tips. They will teach you what not to do in France, as well as give you some handy tips on how to blend in with the locals. Which local France rules do you find the most useful?

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    Visit The Little Town Of Annecy

    From Redditor u/dmkam5:

    [Visit] the little town of Annecy, not too far from Lyon. Spectacular mountain scenery and a charming (and not over-touristified) Old Town. It’s at the edge of the Alps but not at a high altitude, and it has a beautiful clear Alpine lake. And of course the usual selection of great restaurants and shops of all kinds. Very walkable and relaxed. Well worth a few days’ visit, and it’ll be a refreshing change after all those big cities, which are great and all but a bit impersonal.

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    Learn Basic French Words

    From Redditor u/pompatous665:

    Don’t presume that people speak English. Odds are high that they do, especially in tourism-related trades, but opening with “Pardon, parlez-vous Anglais?” will be appreciated.

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    Stop Saying "Amazing"

    From Redditor u/_www_:

    Just one rule: avoid shouting "Amaaazing" as it's actually an American stereotype in France.

    We use to cross upon a lot of Americans in Paris so you basically can't deceive. Enjoy your visit but you'd rather go for a day to Deauville if you want to go by the sea. Nice is a hellhole in summer.

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    Go To Lyon

    From Redditor u/l_drv:

    I would recommend going to Lyon, there are loads of things to see and is still the 2nd biggest city in France. You can also go to Avignon if you prefer the non-city life, and more of the castle and stuff.

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    Watch What You Wear

    From Redditor u/wholesome_soft_gf:

    Dress nicely/more conservatively than you would otherwise. If in the summer, don’t wear daisy dukes and flip-flops. Try not to talk and laugh loudly/boisterously in public, the French tend to be quieter and more reserved. Learn some basic French words: “carte bleu” for a credit card, “a l’emporter” for take-out, “pardon” for excuse me, "bonsoir" for a good evening, "bonne journée" for a good day, and other common phrases. People may jump straight into English upon hearing you speak French because 1. They are trying to do you a favor 2. They like practicing English or 3. They don’t want to be subjected to hearing you speak French a moment longer. In Paris especially If people come up to you on the street wanting you to fill out a survey or asking if you “speak English” don’t talk to them, they try to [take] your money. Eat as much food as you can, everything is delicious. Try all the boulangeries! If you’re looking for another place to visit I highly recommend Montpellier! Strasbourg is also lovely, especially in winter.

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    Find The Authentic French Experience In Nantes

    From Redditor u/Lisbeth_Milla:

    I'd recommend going to less touristic places, because touristic places tend to adapt to tourists, maybe try going to Nantes, there are things to see there.

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