15 Unspoken Rules About Idaho That All The Locals Know

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Idaho locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

There are certain secrets that are well kept in Idaho, but now people born and raised in the state are revealing a few tips and Idaho local rules that you should know before visiting. Check them out and learn the dos and don'ts in Idaho! And if you want to travel further west, make sure you also check out all the unspoken local rules in Oregon.

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    Check Out The Craters Of The Moon

    From Redditor u/Metoocentaur:

    If you're looking to stay in one place I would recommend Redfish Lake near Stanley. It's got great hiking, biking, views, hot springs, fishing, and is pretty off the beaten path but still has a great lodge with good amenities. If you have the opportunity to travel then I would start next door in Yellowstone, come into Idaho in the southeast corner and see the Tetons, Check out craters of the moon on the way to Boise, float the Boise River, spend a day rafting on the Payette just to the north, check out McCall for a day, and then a day or two up in Cour d Alene on the lake as well.

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    Visit Huckleberry Heaven

    From Redditor u/gdog05:

    If you don't know what huckleberries are, then your life is incomplete. Go to Elk River and visit Huckleberry Heaven. Fresh-made huckleberry treats like you wouldn't believe, and the huckleberry soft-serve is incredible. This berry should have been described on the Voyager plate.

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    Respect The Wilderness

    From Redditor u/wallbrick_699:

    People who have been living here all their lives know to respect the wilderness and the dangers present if things go wrong. Getting lost in Idaho can be a serious problem, so make sure you know which routes you're going to be taking.

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    Try The Silverwood Theme Park

    From Redditor u/gdog05:

    Silverwood theme park outside of Coeur d'Alene. Small, but quite worthy. Keep in mind, the panhandle is 21,000 sq miles. It's quite a few hours from one end to the other, so it really depends on where exactly you'll be at and how mobile. Also, Coeur d'Alene has some nice spas and a beautiful lake.

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    Explore Yellowstone National Park

    From Redditor u/wallbrick_699:

    Visit Yellowstone National Park, at the very least. It is one of the very first National parks for the US. Stay on the trails and stay a good distance away from local wildlife. If you see anyone interacting with wildlife, stay a good distance away and take video, you may end up with something that gets a good amount of views on YouTube or at least as an instructional video on what not to do for the Yellowstone Park Rangers to use for educating future visitors.

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    If You Don't Like Hiking You Probably Shouldn't Go 

    From a former Redditor:

    Outdoor activities are kind of the point of going to Idaho. If you don't like hiking or whitewater rafting, perhaps you should try Southern California instead. Plenty of beaches, sand, and shopping there.

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