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15 Unspoken Rules About Italy That All The Locals Know

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For the love of pasta! And pizza... and coffee... and good red wine. When we think of Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is of course the food, but there is so much more to the country that is worth exploring. These Italy tourist tips from locals will help you decide what to do in Italy. Take notes and vote! Ciao!

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    Check Out The Coast

    From Redditor u/gatoraderrr:

    I would spend less time in Venice. its really cool and a must see but after a few days you've seen it. Time would be better spent doing day trips around Tuscany - Siena, Greve, Lucca, maybe check out the coast. I did that trip a few months ago and had a great time. Nothing planned, my friend had a car and we stumbled upon a cheap place to stay at a vineyard/olive farm in the country - A 2 bedroom house for 75 Euro per night total, for 3 people. It was really nice and then we just did day trips to various cities.

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    Make Sure You Hit The Must-See Spots

    From Redditor u/Dalaik:

    -You can't go wrong with Florence and Tuscany in general. There are so many little (or not so little) towns to visit that you can easily spend a week there. The food and wine are amazing too.

    -Venice is a must-see. I know, I know, it's crowded, the water stinks, it's expensive and the locals are d*cks but YOU.HAVE.TO.SEE.IT. The hotel prices are going to make your wallet cry a bit so if you want a tip, look for hotels in Mestre, a very bland place 5 minutes away from Venice (it's the last stop before the Venice station). Things cost way less but this means that you won't experience the magical experience of walking around in Venice at midnight because you'll have to catch the last train to Mestre. Also, don't plan to spend many days in Venice. It's a very expensive place to use as a base for day trips. Stay a couple of nights there and then head towards Verona and then the region of Emilia Romagna (where Bologna is) and Tuscany.

    Not many Italians speak English, even in tourist places. Not even the police. Your smartphone translator is going to be precious.

    -If you want to have a coffee or a meal in some famous square or near a landmark prepare to pay 3 or 4 times the normal price. To be honest, you should never be paying more than a euro for a coffee. Also, never order an "expresso", just say "Caffe" and they'll give you just that.

    "Pizza al taglio" pizzerias are your friends. These are small places that sell pizza by the piece. You can have a slice of pizza and a beverage for less than 4 euros.

    Always keep an eye on your stuff, especially when you're on a bus. Big cities are full of pickpocket artists and street scammers in general. Don't stop for anyone who asks you to sign petitions or any kind of paper.

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    Buy Your Tickets Online

    From Redditor u/Hard_Time_EXTREME:

    Buy your tickets for the Vatican Museum ahead of time online.

    You can then skip right past the entire line.

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    Validate Your Train Tickets

    From Redditor u/kenvsryu:

    Validate your train ticket before boarding. The conductor got us :(

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