15 Unspoken Rules About Kentucky That All The Locals Know

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Kentucky locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

There are day-to-day rules that are so obvious in certain places that it's not even necessary to ever mention them. Except when you are a tourist visiting for the first time! For those newbies that are traveling to Kentucky shortly, we have a list of  Kentucky local rules and tips that will help you make the most out of your stay there. Learn what to do in Kentucky and vote up!

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    Eat Where KFC Was Born

    From Redditor u/scoobsie:

    Food? Kentucky has very few significantly distinctive foods. The Kentucky Hotbrown is always a good choice. In general, KY is a meat and potatoes place....southern cuisine which is typical for most nearby states. If you get a chance, just for bragging rights, be sure to eat at the Harland Sanders Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky as it's where Kentucky Fried Chicken first started.

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    Try Big Red Soda

    From Redditor u/light_sucks:

    You should try Big Red soda. It's only available in a few states. It's very sweet. Our sweet tea is really good. But you have to make sure that they brew it in store. The prepackaged stuff is not good. Biscuits and white gravy are very good but very filling and fattening so go easy on that one.

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    Try The Great Food In Lexington

    From Redditor u/armfly:

    In Lexington, there is great food in and around the intersections of Limestone and Main. Just about any of the places around there are good local eats. The Kentucky Ale brewery does a great quick tour in downtown that is pretty good if for nothing more than the free drinks at the end. Several microbreweries in the area mean you can have a great time chilling and getting your drank on. There's an outdoor weekly event called Thursday Night Live downtown that features public drinking and live music. If the weather is nice, it's a great event to attend. No public into or open container laws on that city block during that time.

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    Go To The Highlands Bars In Louisville

    From Redditor u/TheRealDrWan:

    Nightlife in Louisville:

    Any local would recommend the area known as the Highlands (Baxter Ave/Bardstown Rd, if you'd prefer). Any cab driver will know where to go if you say "take us to the highland's bars". Tons of small to medium to large bars/clubs there. It's a good part of town. You shouldn't have any problems there unless you run into the random drunk guy looking for trouble (a problem that you could have in any town's "pub district"). This area is not far from downtown (if that's where you're staying), but it's not within walking distance.

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    Take Advantage Of The Music Scene

    From Redditor u/dsyncd:

    We get a decent amount of good music from bands passing through. If you're in Louisville on a Wednesday afternoon, they have a band play down near the waterfront. In Lexington on Thursdays, they do a "Thursday Night Live" but all it is really are people drinking out in the pavilion area downtown by the bars.

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    Spend Some Time On The U of K Campus

    From Redditor u/armfly:

    The University of Kentucky has a beautiful campus this time of year if you want to spend an hour or two just looking at interesting scenery and architecture. In Lexington, you must hit up Pazzo's on pint night (Tuesday if I remember correctly) for some good pizza and a fine eclectic brew. Two Keys is a little rowdy for my tastes but you might try it out if you want to mingle with the local college crowd (which will be significantly reduced because of summer). County Club is a good local eatery to hang out in as well.

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