15 Unspoken Rules About Louisiana That All The Locals Know

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Louisiana locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Are you craving good jazz music? Then you need to plan a visit to Louisiana! But before going, it's better to be aware of what to do in Louisiana, and all the secret Louisiana tourist tips from the locals. They'll make your trip the best experience ever. Check out the list and vote up! 

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    Do A Swamp Tour

    From Redditor u/BananaPeelSlippers:

    Poverty point [and] Natchez.

    Ask [around] where to get the best boudin/cracklings.

    The most beautiful hike in la is Longleaf vista in the Kisatchie forest near Alexandria.

    Get on a boat, do a swamp tour. Go fishing. That is how we enjoy nature.

    Definitely make your way to Lafayette and New Orleans. If you can make an LSU, saints, or pelicans game you will not regret it.

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    Lots Of Food Options

    From Redditor u/rhymesnocerous:

    Grew up in Monroe. Parish and Cotten restaurants are fantastic, high-end. If you want some old-school Monroe/Louisiana culture food, go eat at mohawk. But you better like some fried foods. Enoch’s is fun enough but it’s nothing worth going out of your way to visit. [You could] go deer hunting. Lots of fun grocery shopping in God’s grocery store. I hear flying tiger is great but I haven’t been there yet.

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    A Cheap Ride Across The River

    From Redditor u/miz-ruby:

    We love to take the Algiers ferry across the river. It's a cheap ride. We wake the levy and enjoy the city views often with a picnic. Then we usually enjoy a pint at the Crown and Anchor bar before riding back.

    I also recommend renting a car and going to see some plantations and places upriver. We get a cheap day rental from Enterprise on Canal. You can catch the streetcar and ride up from the French Quarter to get the car. They close at 6 pm so you either need to go early or pay for a night of parking.

    I recommend a trip to Whitney Plantation. It's an easy drive. Laura and Oak Ally are two others close by.

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    Watch For Crime And Bad Drivers

    From Redditor u/ShinyRayquaza9:

    Usually, Louisiana isn't the first choice of many people.

    Advice: people here drive bad. Bring water and bright clothes it gets super hot and humid. DO NOT TAKE THE SPANISH MOSS it has red bugs. Don't book a hotel or rent a house in New Orleans it is super expensive. Get mosquito repellent

    stuff to see: maybe try a swamp tour, see if any of our over 400 festivals are happening, go to New Orleans (watch out for [wrongdoing] there and in baton rouge), go to the Baton Rouge or New Orleans Zoo, definitely check out the WW2 museum in New Orleans, visit every island it's super pretty and you can tour the Tabasco factory, we have plenty of gator farms, just check a tourism guide it should have most things as tourism is like half our income.

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    What To Do In Northen Louisiana

    From Redditor u/jabaski:

    Food: I'd definitely visit Not Just Pie, Riverside Coney Island, and Catfish Charlies. Brazin Bar has decent fish tacos, but they aren't as good as the fish tacos at Champs in Ruston. Danken Trail was my favorite for BBQ, and their toast is amazing. Waterfront Grill is also nice for a decent burger. If you're feeling fancy (and a bit pricier) Cottons is great. Rawz has some pretty good yellow chicken curry, one of my favorites. Southern Classic is the best-fried chicken, fight me. The Coffee Bean and CC's are decent if you want a cup that isn't Starbucks.

    Shopping: Now Save #20 has the best liquor prices, Washington Wine and Spirits has the best selection (but pricey), and Tiger Mart is not bad on either. There's also an antique alley near Romas if you want to walk around a bit before getting food. Roma's is pretty good for Italian food in this area.

    A bit further away: One of the top mountain bike trails is Lincoln Parish Park. Ruston is only 30 minutes away, so it's an easy side trip. There's also Poverty Point for some historical interests and hiking. Vicksburg is about an hour away, and the battlefield is a great hike, or you can drive if the heat is getting to you. But be sure to stop and check out the monuments. Also, the old iron-clad warship restoration is an amazing feature.

    Shreveport is an hour and a half. Shreveport probably needs its own post since there's a ton to do over there. To see the Norton art gallery. See if anyone is playing at the soon-to-be-renamed Centurylink center. Stop by the museum at Barksdale. Grab some food at Marilyns Place/Strawns/Herby Ks/Mono/Taqueria la Michoacana... There's too much for one post to go on about Shreveport.

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    Watch 'Easy Rider'

    From Redditor u/Gl3g:

    Watch the movie "Easy Rider" to have more fun walking through the cemetery that was used in the "tripping on acid" scenes. The cemetery, (# 1, I think) is a short walk from the French Quarter, and will be included in any "ghost tour".