15 Unspoken Rules About Montana That All The Locals Know

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Montana locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Are you going to Montana soon? Not unlike Colorado, you should prepare yourself for outstanding forests, lakes and rivers, and learn the dos and don'ts in Montana before you visit. To make the most out of your experience there, read up on the Montana local rules and Montana tourist tips. Check them out and vote!

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    Don't Camp Unless You Know What You're Doing

    From Redditor u/Montanimal24:

    I'm from western Montana and have a few tips for you. First, don't plan on camping unless you have some quality gear with you, because you will freeze and [perish]. Lookout pass is always a bit dicey after Nov. 1, but generally well cared for. I would recommend driving east to St. Regis, then going northeast through the Flathead Valley, around Flathead Lake, and up to the Flathead National Forest, where you have close access to the glacier, swan, and the Bob Marshall wilderness. You will find great scenery and outdoor opportunities up there, but it's going to be below freezing the entire time. Missoula is a great town worth a visit. Spend some time in the downtown area, and hit up Double Front for some unbelievable fried chicken. If you are into late-night drunk food, after enjoying DT Missoula, go to Oxford and get a JJ special. You won't regret it.

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    Memorial Falls Is A Real Hike (And Totally Worth It)

    From Redditor u/Everything___:

    I recommend Memorial Falls. It’s near Monarch and usually not that busy. Although it’s not that big of an area, it’s heavily forested and filled with nature. Just mainly a real hike.

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    Wear Orange In The Wild

    From Redditor u/JohnyHotsauce:

    If you go into the wilderness, wear orange.

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    Head To Missoula For Beer And Live Music

    From Redditor u/number1wifey:

    Missoula or Bozeman, or Glacier if you’re really wanting to do a lot of hikes/nature. Missoula has a lot of other stuff going for it, tons of breweries, live music, farmers markets, easy to walk everywhere, mostly shorter easy hikes around town, but some good stuff down the Bitterroot Valley. Excellent people-watching. Bozeman is great, but in a slightly more pretty way. A little less hippie, a little more hipster; good hiking and food, Livingston nearby is a great little MT town. Glaciers absolutely stunning, you’d have to fly into Kalispell probably and drive from there. Whitefish is a super fun MT town nearby with some great beer and food.

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    Rent A Car If You Want To Get Anywhere

    From Redditor u/draft_beer:

    Rent a car. I don't think Uber will get you very far.

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    Don't Forget The Bear Spray

    From Redditor u/Chihuahuavapor:

    Make sure you buy bear spray if you plan on hiking. Better to be safe than bear food.