15 Unspoken Rules About Nebraska That All The Locals Know

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Nebraska locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Anyone planning a trip and need to know what to do in Nebraska? If you are thinking of going to the land Kool-Aid hails from, there are a few local Nebraska rules you need to know. See what they suggest you do to make the best out of your stay. Check out the list and then consider traveling south to learn all about Kansas, too!

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    Visit The Zoo

    From Redditor u/astanyan:

    I think the Lincoln Children's Zoo is actually quite quaint. It's small, so it will only take a few hours to go through, and a lot of the zoo is shaded. Plus, the ground squirrels are quite adorable, even if they are an unofficial exhibit (they just run around all over the park).

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    Experience The Real Nebraska Further West

    From Redditor u/NebraskanNative:

    If you want to experience Nebraska I suggest staying west of York and get away from I-80. Lincoln and Omaha are hipster towns fifteen years behind the times. Sorry to say but they are. Yes, there is history to see but that's really it. Unless it's football Saturday of course.

    Depending how far west you want to go there is a lot of "old west" history like Scout's Rest Ranch which is Buffalo Bills residence as well as Bailey Yards which is the words largest train switchyard in operation in North Platte. The Niobrara and dismal rivers are fun to "tank" or canoe down. Tanking involves an old round horse water tank and six or so friends "tubing" down the river inside it. The Sandhills of Nebraska are a unique geological formation. They only exist in one place worldwide. Lake Mac in Ogallala was at one time the largest man-made lake in the US. Lots of Oregon trail routes and museums. Change in the alliance is fun to have said "I've been there". Toadstool Park is awesome to see and hike.

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    Stay Away From Platte River

    From Redditor u/OSCgal:

    People will tell you that Nebraska is boring and that driving across Nebraska is mind-numbingly dull. If you keep to Interstate 80, this is true. If you venture off the Interstate, away from the Platte River, things get more interesting. Eastern Nebraska has wooded bluffs, south-central Nebraska has little folded valleys and canyons, north-central Nebraska is the Sand Hills, and western Nebraska has huge and stately buttes.

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    Hikers Need To Explore The National Park

    From Redditor u/pdmchenry:

    Indian Cave State Park. If you're a hiker, it's definitely worth your while to go here. Awesome trails and very scenic!

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    Celebrate Kool-Aid In Hastings

    From Redditor u/p1ague:

    In Hastings, there will be Kool-aid days in August to celebrate the invention of Kool-Aid.

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    Visit The Kearney Arch "Covered Bridge" Museum

    From Redditor u/decorama:

    Kearney Arch has a huge "covered bridge" looking building over the interstate. Museum inside. Pretty neat.

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