15 Unspoken Rules About New Hampshire That All The Locals Know

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New Hampshire locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Are you planning a visit to the "Switzerland of America"? Get camera-ready, prep yourselves for taking outstanding photos and check out this list of local New Hampshire rules. The citizens have shared their best New Hampshire tourist tips so you'll know exactly what to do in New Hampshire when you get there. And if you haven't had enough, you can always head next door to Vermont, but make sure you know all the unspoken rules before you go!

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    Head To Lincoln For A Little Bit Of Everything

    From a former Redditor:

    Lincoln is a good spot. Franconia Notch is right there (where Old Man of the Mountain used to be), which has some good hiking, bike trails, and scenic views. There's also Whale's Tale, a water park. It's about 20 minutes from Littleton, which has good shopping and food.

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    Take The I93 Up And Have Fun

    From Redditor u/ftMattSmith:

    Take i93 up all the way to Mount Washington, on the way you go through Franconia Notch parkway and it is my favorite area in NH, lots of stuff off the freeway to go explore, and in the winter while it's colder than Mars, the snowy mountain tops are awesome to look at and really fun to hike in warmer months. 

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    Try The Best Roast Beef Sandwich Ever Created

    From Redditor u/madgreed:

     I need to recommend something other NH people may laugh at but... you need to go to a new england 'Sub Shop'. Particularly, there are some in southern NH that sell the best roast beef sandwiches on earth. The most famous one is probably located just over the border in Massachusetts and is called Harrison's Roast Beef.

    Yes, New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts have the best Roast Beef sandwiches ever created, and it's a bit of a local secret.

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    Head North For A Quieter Experience

    From Redditor u/RobLuck:

    Northern NH is much less populated, there are lots of State Parks, Hiking and camping. Mount Washington is the tallest mountain around and is another tourist spot. (You can drive a car up it or take the Cog railway up).

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    Portsmouth Has Great Nightlife And Secret Beaches

    From Redditor u/deadstump:

    There are not a lot of lakes over Portsmouth way, but the ocean is beautiful and doesn't have to be as busy as Hampton would make you believe. If you are willing to do a bit of research there are several very nice less popular beaches that are open to the public.

    Portsmouth has a very nice nightlife, so that is good. Patuckaway State Park is relatively nearby with a nice nature lake.

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    Rye Beach Is A Good Place For A Little Getaway

    From a former Redditor:

    I had a surprisingly good weekend in Rye Beach. Beach, state parks nearby, lots of food and indoor entertainment options in Portsmouth and Hampton (I'd pick Portsmouth). The best state park for hiking is a bit inland (45 minute or so drive) at Pawtuckaway State Park, where there's a good-sized lake with boat rentals available along with miles of trails & a fire tower. 

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