15 Unspoken Rules About New Jersey That All The Locals Know

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New Jersey locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

It might not be New York, but New Jersey is a great place to eat some diverse food and have a nice day on the beach. You probably didn't know the local New Jersey rules and hidden New Jersey tourist tips that will definitely help you make the most out of your trip. Check them out and learn what to do in New Jersey the next time you're there!

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    Head Into The City At Night

    From Redditor u/theusernameicreated:

    Don't forget we're right next to New York City as well. The trick is to go at night past 8 pm. Parking everywhere, and the financial district is empty and SAFE. At night I usually take people to go to the stock exchange (lit up it's much nicer at night), bull, WTC [World Trade Center] observatory (closes at 9), Oculus. Try to get observatory tickets on TicketNetwork or something like that so it's not $25. They really put a lot of effort into the one-world observatory, so that's my favorite place to take people coming to the city. Don't forget the buildings are all open because of 24/7 transit. So you can walk in the malls and indoor pathways (Oculus, winter garden, etc.) at night. "Hidden" gems over there at night are the Brooklyn Bridge promenade, Brooklyn Bridge walking path, Unisphere, Bethesda Terrace, Grand Central Station, NY Public Library outside, etc.

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    NORTHLANDZ Is The Best Kind Of Cheesy Roadside Attraction

    From Redditor u/betti_cola:

    Go to NORTHLANDZ in Flemington. It's a massive indoor miniature train world. I can't really do it justice here - it's the best kind of cheesy roadside attraction.

    If you're into urban exploration, the abandoned Paulinskill Viaduct is quite stunning. Also, Walpack is a super eerie abandoned town in the Delaware Water Gap; the population is like 16 or something.


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    Check Out Luna Parc For A 'Trippy Wonderland'

    From Redditor u/betti_cola:

    Luna Parc. It's an artist's home in Montague, Sussex County. It's like a ridiculous trippy wonderland. It's only open two weekends out of the year. It's free, so I really recommend it.

    Down in the Pine Barrens is Batsto, an old ghost town. I used to take field trips there when I was in elementary school, but I went back recently and it was still really neat. I'm quite a fan of the Pine Barrens overall.

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    There's Something For Everyone - No Matter Your Interest

    From Redditor u/SpacelessWorm:

    There are a lot of good restaurants, so feel free to stop by and try anywhere. The best part of NJ is that you're either close to the ocean, close to NYC, or close to Philly. Other than parks (Mountain Creek [Water Park], Six Flags, Dorney Park), there really isn't all that much. Unless you like hiking, lots of great hiking...

    Atlantic City has gambling if you like that.

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    NJ Has The Best Biking Trails

    From Redditor u/bacon-wrapped_rabbi:

    Biking trails! Columbia Trail and Henry Hudson Trail are really nice. Also, a lot of fantastic breweries.

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    Try The Local Food

    From Redditor u/SharpyTarpy:

    Eat some bagels, Irish potatoes, pizza, saltwater taffy, pork roll breakfast sandwich, caramel popcorn, disco fries, hoagies.

    Eat at a diner too.

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