15 Unspoken Rules About Niagara Falls That All The Locals Know

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Locals and travelers: Vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world, but if you want to make the most of your visit, then you should study up on these Niagara Falls tips. Locals and travelers have given us plenty of information on what to do in Niagara Falls, and more important, what not to do in Niagara Falls.

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    The Canadian Side Is Better

    From a former Redditor:

    Go to the Canadian side, really. It's a lot more touristy but has a ton more options than the American side. I live in Buffalo and always suggest my friends bring their passports when we go to Niagara Falls. There's also Cave of the Winds and Maid of the Mist on the American side which are fun.

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    Locals Suggest You Take The Ferry

    From Redditor u/internetuser101:

    As someone who lives between Toronto and Niagara Falls, I can't speak to the American side but the Canadian side I know well.

    Falls: take the maid of the mist ferry and see the falls from the bottom. The main street is filled with "day trip" type activities like the wax museums. Beyond that there are the casinos but not much more to see than a day's worth. If you like wine, this is a huge wine area and there are tons of Vinyard tours that you could spend an entire day doing.

    Toronto is a little more active: the main touristy thing to go see/do is the CN tower. You can eat dinner in the revolving restaurant (it's high end and a little expensive but amazing food and view) you can even walk around the top doing the edge walk if you're brave enough.

    Other things to see are the aquarium, distillery district Christmas market. ANY kind of food you can imagine. We have it all. Sushi to Italian to Indian to greasy fry truck.

    The party scene is pretty [wild] in Toronto if you like that. Lots of clubs and bars to check out.

    If you go to Dundas square there is usually something going on there and you're down the road from our theaters.

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    If You Jump The Fence You'll Get Kicked Out

    From Redditor u/mycatiskai:

    The Maid of the Mist is a must. Further down the main road, there is a white water walk which is pretty cool. You take an ancient elevator down and walk along a boardwalk right next to the raging river. There are a few spots where you can jump the fence or climb over rocks and get even closer though you might get kicked out. It is 10 times better than the journey behind the falls trap which is just a dank tunnel.

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    Take A Detour To Toronto

    From Redditor u/PirateRobotNinjaofDe:

    I wasn't in Niagara Falls for a very long time, but it had a kind of tacky tourist vibe to it. Lots of gross-looking casino hotels and IHOPs. Niagara-on-the-Lake had a much cooler vibe to it, though it's a little more expensive.

    The Canada-US border crossing is likely the easiest in the world (outside of intra-eurozone crossings), so there really isn't anything to worry about. Just know that if you don't declare anything at all they'll be suspicious and check your stuff (and you'll get slapped with a hefty fine).

    If you want to drink, though, head into Toronto. The nightlife is going to be way better there than in Niagara.

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    The City Is Cheesy

    From a former Redditor:

    I think the falls are good for about half a day or so. The city itself is oddly run down in some areas and then extremely cheesy on the other side. With a very amusement park type of feel to it, there are casinos as well, but because I don't gamble it wasn't a thing for me. The Falls itself is freaking beautiful. Definitely go on one of the attractions if open. Maid of the mist/ journey behind the falls and I think 2 more they offer. They are super cool.

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    Visit On The Off Season 

    From Redditor u/selitos:

    In mid-November the falls are not crowded at all and the weather wasn't bad enough to make the falls any less enjoyable, though I seem to recall the Maid of the Mist was not running. We also had no idea Niagara on the Lake existed and ended up spending most of our extended weekend trip there. The B&B we stayed at provided free wine tour/tasting passes and we visited the wineries, which were not at all crowded being that it was off-season. It was definitely a different type of trip than the one I experienced as a kid being pushed around by tons of inconsiderate, smelly tourists and barely seeing the falls through the [crowds] of people.