15 Unspoken Rules About Sweden That All The Locals Know

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Swedish locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Sweden is an impressive place, but if you are planning to visit the land of the band ABBA then it's better to read this list of Sweden tourist tips. You'll be aware of to be aware of what to do in Sweden, and what not to do in Sweden. Vote for the most useful Swedish rules!

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    Take The Bus

    From Redditor u/SwedishDude:

    For getting around your best bets are probably by bus or rented car. Buses are cheap and go pretty much everywhere. Plenty also have Wifi and power included with the ticket price.

    Driving shouldn't be a problem, swedes drive a bit faster than allowed but not generally recklessly. Many medium-sized roads have speed cameras but you're always warned beforehand with signs. Highways are broad, straight, fast and boring.

    You might want to look into visiting a musical festival as there'll be a few to choose from and are probably the place where Swedes are the most friendly.

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    Respect The Queue

    From Redditor u/HerrAndersson:

    Respect the queues. If something even resembles a queue it probably is one. It's okay to ask if it's a queue. But if you cut in line, even by mistake, people will hate you. They will probably not say anything to you, but they will hate you.

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    Shoes Off Indoors, Please

    From Redditor u/Stove-pipe:

    Remove your shoes at the instant entering a person's home. Always wear a reflective "charm" or "reflexband" when going outside, cause it gets incredibly dark most of the day. You can buy a reflex and at stores like "clasohlson".

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    Don't Tip And Don't Talk

    From Redditor u/kill_kittens:

    - Don't tip.

    - Don't start a conversation with the cashier.

    - Don't say 'we should hang out' if you don't actually want to make plans

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    Escalator Etiquette Is Important

    From Redditor u/EvilPete:

    Don't stand still on the left side of the escalator.

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    Quiet Down

    Frm Redditor u/somesuredditsaresh*t:

    Dont be a loud [jerk] and you will be fine.