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15 Unspoken Rules About Texas That All The Locals Know

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Next destination: Texas. Whenever you are planning to visit the "Lone Star State" you must pack some jean shorts and be prepared to eat the best BBQ you've ever had. Except if you prefer to not be recognized as a tourist - then read these unspoken rules about Texas and become a local before even arriving!

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    Check Out The BBQ

    From Redditor u/valeyard89:

    As others have mentioned October is a great time to visit. Especially Big Bend if you can make it out there (it's a 7-9 hrs drive from Austin depending on route).

    There are hostels in the main cities, that will be your cheapest lodging unless using Couchsurfing. Outside of town, check out the state parks and campgrounds, some have cabins for rent, or you can go camping if you have the kit. Though sites can get booked out quickly on weekends if the weather is good (you can reserve online for most state parks).

    Definitely check out BBQ places while here. There's the newer school (Franklins, La Barbeque, etc) or old school hole-in-the-wall places in smaller towns.

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    Being Foreign Can Get You Drinks

    From Redditor u/Syllogism19:

    I can report is that being a foreigner can get you free drinks on the Riverwalk and companionship if you play your cards right. I've hosted many foreign guests who have played that game successfully[..]

    By the way for your sake wait until September. Even if it is just as hot, the sun goes down a little earlier and it doesn't roast nearly as much. Remember that Texas is the land the Devil owns but rents out because he prefers the weather in Hell. ha ha

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    Rent A Car

    From Redditor u/gaylonghorn:

    As a native Texan, you definitely should spend some time in Austin. I'm from Dallas and there is stuff to do if you can find it like the Fort Worth Stockyards, Uptown, JFK assassination spot, etc.

    You'll need a rent a car for sure. No way to explore Texas without that.

    Drive to Austin. It's a pleasant and easy 3 hours. Hill Country is beautiful and Austin itself is amazing.

    It is hot but most of the time we spend our time indoors in the summer or at least around air conditioning. Weather is in the '90s or up to the 100's in the summer. This shouldn't deter you though.

    Food is reasonable. Around the same standards as any major US city in terms of price and quality in both cities. Cheaper outside of the cities.

    Also the people are friendly. And Texas is huge. To do things takes time but it's mostly just spending money on a car and gas. Other than that, everything else is pretty reasonable.

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    Consider The Weather

    From Redditor u/cramp:

    The best time to visit would be mid-October to mid-March, weather-wise. There's a chance of freezing rain and inclement winter weather in late January and all of February, especially in Dallas. Cities in Texas don't have the infrastructure to handle icy roads. Also, your flight would be affected.

    I would highly recommend visiting the Texas State Fair in mid-October. It's super fun and will be a huge (enjoyable) culture shock for you. The food is over the top fried everything, but not just a gimmick. The food is part of a contest and all the different booths are trying to win awards for creativity and taste, so almost everything is very good.

    Stuff around Texas depending on the direction you drive: Palo Duro Canyon, World's largest bat colony (outside San Antonio, which has many historical sites too), Texas Ren Fair. A Brit would get a total kick out of this, for sure.

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