15 Unspoken Rules About Vermont That All The Locals Know

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Vermont locals: vote up the rules that all tourists should know before they visit.

Whenever you visit a new place it's always handy to know someone from the area to not only to show you around, but also to give you some advice on what to do and what not to. But it's not that easy to get to know a local before your trip so this list is here to make your life easier and show you some Vermont local rules and Vermont tourist tips people. Vote up and learn what to do in Vermont! And when you're done, take a trip across state lines and learn what to do in New York!

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    Visit Bragg Farm For A Maple Creemee

    From Redditor u/azulbloo:

    Get a maple creemee at Bragg Farm in East Montpelier, if you visit Montpelier, - they produce their own maple syrup, little gift shop, some animals to pet and a very pretty view.

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    Go Leaf-Peeping

    From Redditor u/kowalski71:

    Go hike Camel's Hump, go leaf-peeping or hang out on Church St in hopes that you'll do that regardless and it almost goes without saying. This will be real Vermonty kind of stuff, some of it straight from my childhood. Also, go to a fair. I grew up going to the Tunbridge World's Fair and in my opinion, it's one of the most 'authentic' as far as old-style VT fairs go. But there are some other big ones in the state, like Burlington.

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    History Hike Is Worth The Parking Fee

    From Redditor u/cheetofoot:

    History Hike in Little River state park, Google it, they have a map. It's like a few bucks parking and you get a hike through what is a town that was abandoned when they intentionally flooded the area in the 1920s for a reservoir. One building still stands, the rest is foundations and gravesites and some debris... Amazing how little is left when you don't build with synthetic materials.

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    Take A Gallery Walk On The First Friday Of Every Month

    From Redditor u/OffTheWalls:

    On the first Friday of every month, there is Gallery Walk in Brattleboro, where many restaurants and shops have art galleries, featuring local artists. The best month to do it is in June, where the streets are closed off and it's just general fun. Though I'll warn you, a large part of gallery walk is teenagers who go running off and smoke weed with friends.

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    Restaurants Close Early So Mind The Time

    From Redditor u/pileofdeadninjas:

    Drive the Mountain Rd. through Smuggler's Notch into Stowe or the other way around. Beautiful drive.

    Come to Burlington, late afternoon is best for dinner, things close relatively early and/or can get pretty packed depending on the day, so you just want to have time. Some restaurants that I like are The Farmhouse Tap & Grill, American Flatbread, One Pepper Grill, and of course Hong's Dumplings, on Church St., she's a street vendor, but you have to try her dumplings, it's worth the wait if there's a line, her cold noodles are great too. if you want to stay late, there are lots of good bars, I like The Farmhouse's "Beer Garden", it's just an outside bar behind the restaurant, they have a huge beer list and lots of unique stuff on tap. The Church St. Tavern has a great house beer, actually, One Pepper Grill has a great beer list too...I like RiRa's Pub as well, but it gets packed. The VT Pub and Brewery is great too, best deals on food, house beer is out of control, good people, live music, can't go wrong. if you need to park, it's free on the streets after 6, but they get filled up, there's a garage one block from church st. on St. Paul that does 3 dollars after 6 pm, it usually has spots and is next to the Bluebird Restaurant, another good place for dinner, and it's just down the street from the VT Pub.

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    Visit The Ben & Jerry's Plant

    From Redditor u/CheesusCheesus:

    I recommend a day trip to Waterbury to visit the Ben & Jerry's plant and Cold Hollow Cider (lots of food to sample). IMHO, they're among Vermont's most stereotypical "touristy" places and worth the visits if you haven't tried yet. You can eat at some of the great places and breweries nearby (Prohibition Pig, Alchemist).

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